Aled Jones - I'm happy to be a one-trick pony

Posted on: 28 September 2011 by 50connect editorial

50connect talks to the multi-talented Aled Jones

Aled JonesWith more than 30 albums; sales of over 6 million to date and nominated for a Classic Brit this year - Aled Jones - singer, actor, radio and TV presenter is a very busy man, 50connect tracked him down for a quick fire Q&A.

Aled has been a regular on Songs of Praise for almost eight years and is also the youngest presenter to appear on the show. He has his own radio show on BBC Radio 2 every Sunday morning from 7-9am - Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones – and continues to help out on the network in other presenters’ absence.

A firm favourite on Radio 2's Friday Night is Music Night as well as a regular stand-in for Vanessa Feltz, Ken Bruce and Steve Wright. He also introduced Last Night of the Proms in Scarborough with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in August.

How up to date do you keep with modern music, do you get much sent in to you on the show and how much do you listen to?

I’m totally up to date, I’m really lucky that at Radio 2, I get sent through all the new CDs and I think it’s a real perk to listen to them.

What album’s have you bought recently?

I actually bought Bruce Springsteen’s Promise for a friend of mine.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Not one of mine, although I do enjoy mine as well. Performing at the charity for the Tsunami at Wembley was incredible, I don’t think I’ll ever share the stage with Goldie Lookin' Chain again.

You achieved a lot before you were 20, was there a point when you felt there was nothing left to achieve and how did you get over that?

No there’s always stuff to achieve, but I don’t really plan my working life in that way. I take every day as it comes.

Are you savvy online – do you do facebook/twitter? What do you make of this modern way of communicating?

I’m all for modern communication and I’m very savvy online, but I don’t do facebook or twitter. I am, though, an iPhone addict!

How old are your children? What are they doing and how have you found fatherhood?

My daughter Emilia, is 9 going on 39, and my son Lucas wishes that I had called him Doctor Who. Fatherhood is the best antidote to showbusiness.

Do you speak welsh? How often can you/do you speak it and do your kids speak the language? Do you think it will become an unspoken language and how do you feel about that?

I am a fluent Welsh speaker. I mostly speak it with my parents or if I’m performing with a Welsh Male voice choir. I hope it will never become an unspoken language, it’s too beautiful to lose.

What do you think of Wales’ chances in the world cup?

I think we stand more of a chance in the rugby than the football.

What is your favourite track you’ve recorded?

Any on the new album and I really mean that.

What can we expect from your new album Forever?

I spent two weeks listening to 1000s of pieces and I’ve chosen the songs that mean a lot to me and that I can put my own stamp on - each has an uplifting or spiritual dimension. I’ve even written my own track on there - the title track ‘Forever’.

Where was it recorded? How long did it take?

No flashy recording studio for me. I did my vocals in a small booth above a music hire company in London. Thanks to the boys of FX Rentals! That way there’s no pressure, I like working with no pressure! My vocals probably took about 3 days.

If you could duet with any performer who would it be?

I’d love to sing with Andrea Bocelli and Stevie Wonder but also dueting with Beth Nielsen Chapman whom I really admire and therefore my new album was a dream come true.

If you’d have picked another genre of music to perform – what would it be?

I’m quite happy where I am, I’m a one trick-pony!



Aled Jones' new album - ‘Forever’- was released on 26th September  (on DMG TV) - which features an array of songs by accomplished writers Randy Newman, Lennon & McCartney, Gilbert Becaud and Paul Simon.

The album includes a co-written track with Marcella Detroit – the title track ‘Forever’, plus classics such as Bridge Over Troubled Water, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Hushabye Mountain and I Will. The album also features more contemporary repertoire such as ‘Footprints’, ‘That’ll Do’ and  ‘A Living Prayer’, a duet with the incredible Beth Nielsen Chapman.

For more information, please visit

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