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Dignity and tranquillity with every bath

Posted on: 11 May 2017 by 50connect Promotions

Ideal Standard launches inclusive yet stylish tub for less mobile bathers.

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard, the leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, has extended its successful ‘accessible bathroom range’, Concept Freedom, with the addition of a new, multi-functional, accessible bath.

Concept Freedom’s new inclusive bath tub has been designed to make bathing anxiety free for users with mobility issues, while still delivering a beautifully designed aesthetic and a tranquil space in which to bathe.

And while it has been designed specifically with less-abled users of varying degrees of mobility in mind, it maintains the look and feel of a ‘regular’ bathtub, helping restore dignity and provide a beautiful space to relax in.

It also aims to offer an alternative to the somewhat stigmatised requirement to replace a bath with a shower, just because a user has mobility issues.

The intelligent and versatile design of the bath combines luxury with multi-functionality, meaning its features are relevant for the different needs of the different types of users in the bathroom – with many of its features, such the lower ledge, also making bath time simpler for those bathing children and pets, for example.

Ideal Standard teamed up with experts in design and care, so that the needs of older people when bathing could be directly addressed.

The design team was led by Ideal Standard designer Robin Levien, who worked alongside Design Council member, Colum Lowe, from specialist healthcare organisation, Red and Yellow Care; along with well-respected occupational therapist, Anava Baruch, from Design for Independence.

Key features of new concept freedom bath:

Reinforced ledge

Concept Freedom’s new bath has an extra wide reinforced ledge, giving users enhanced stability and control when they are swinging their legs over the sides into the bath – in order to get in. The ledge also doubles as a seat for a carer or loved ones should assistance be required when bathing.

Women sat on the bath

Support rails

The luxury chrome support rails help users to manoeuvre in and out of the bath, and the minimalistic design looks sleek in any bathroom, complementing the design of other “grab rails” within the Concept Freedom Range.

Lowered height

The bath height is 460mm, which is 80mm lower than standard height bath.  This lower bath height gives users more control and makes it easier when getting in and out of the bath, as it’s nearer to the floor.

Inside step ledge

Within the interior of the bath is a handy step, which is designed as an additional comfort and mobility aid to enable users to push themselves up using their feet when they are lying or sitting in the bath. Additionally users can also push themselves towards the support rail to stand up when getting out.

Gel headrest

The polyurethane gel headrest has “shape memory”, which lets the material respond to the exact arc of the neck, returning to the initial shape. The headrest is designed to sit on the ledge of the bath in the ideal position to support the neck. Its long length means that even when the head is turned the neck is fully supported, working with the body for a comfortable yet firm support to give a relaxing bathing experience.

For more information on Ideal Standard and its products, visit Ideal standard.

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