Tips on brightening up your garden

Posted on: 06 September 2017 by Eloise Craven-Todd

Brighten up your garden this autumn with these surprisingly easy tips for adding a splash of colour.

It’s easier than you think to turn over a new leaf and inject some colour and excitement back into your outdoor space, no matter what the season. Andrew James have identified eight easy ways to brighten up your garden:

Low maintenance, high impact flowers

Mexican Marigolds

Marigolds are a quintessential garden flower. Native to Mexico, these orange and yellow flowers are the ideal addition to any outdoor space, offering vibrant colour that will really make your garden pop. Marigolds flourish in relatively dry soil and require little upkeep, perfect for those looking for an easy way to update their garden.

Iris is another great choice for those looking for a low maintenance way to brighten up the garden. The cool colours will perfectly complement the bold marigolds; just ensure you plant them in a sunny area in the garden and water during long dry periods.

Admirable aromas

Stepping out into your garden on a sunny morning is the perfect wake up call, but without that floral aroma you’re really missing out! It’s important to add flowers that add to the overall experience of your garden, and smell plays an important part. Hyacinths are famous for their aroma and will definitely be noticed in your garden. Plant during the autumn months to allow enough time to take to the soil, the cold winter months will help them bloom ready for the spring.

Perfect perennials

Perennial plants such as Phlox will continuously bloom through the spring and summer months. The large bushes offer vibrant blooms of pink, purple and white, the ideal shades to keep your garden looking bright and inviting. Plant in a sunny area and ensure that you water weekly to keep the soil moist. If cared for, Phlox can grow to around 3 feet tall, making them the perfect addition to a homemade bouquet - letting you bring the joys of your outdoors, in.

Make some recycled tin planters

Tin planter

Planters are fantastic for adding colour and extra planting space to your garden, but they can be expensive to buy. Recycled tin planters are the perfect solution. Simply wash out a selection of your empty soup tins or big coffee cans and get creative with the paints.

You can get free paint samples from your local DIY store which are perfect for this, as you won’t need much. All you need to do then is punch some holes in the bottom for drainage and plant some colourful flowers like pansies or geraniums inside. Et voila, colour everywhere!

Introduce a water feature

Even the simplest of water features can add some much-needed colour and that soothing sound of running water to any garden, and they’re good to use almost all year round. They don’t need to be big or expensive to be beautiful; basic urn and bowl-shaped water fountains can be found in a range of colours and won’t need lots of space, which is a bonus if you have a tiny garden. And you can always paint or embellish them if you’re feeling crafty.

Head down to your local garden centre or DIY store and see what’s around. You can usually snap up a bargain on these towards the end of summer when most stores are running end of season sales.

Add some accessories (Cushions, birdhouses, bird tables etc)

Bird house

Garden accessories allow you to add instant bursts of colour and personality all over the place. Got some garden chairs and benches? Try adding some brightly coloured cushions and throws to add some vibrancy. Trees looking a bit bare towards the end of the year? Try hanging some bird houses and novelty feeders to help out your local wildlife and add extra colour at the same time. Lanterns, candles and ornaments also come in lots of colours, shapes and sizes, and are ideal for adding extra bright accents to any bare bits of your garden.

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