Replenish! A skincare range for the menopause?

Posted on: 04 May 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

A range of beauty products specifically for ageing skin, do you want to try them?

Now we’re living longer than ever before, it is likely that women could spend as much as half of their lives in the post menopausal phase of life. Whether that’s something we really want to think about or not, it still begs the question - why aren’t there more products for older women?

Menopause isn’t particularly fun, hot flushes, mood swings, headaches and tiredness are all things we come to expect from this stage of life, but sometimes the physical effects of the menopause are the most wearing, like the drying of skin.

Dr Sarah Brewer told us "as oestrogen levels fall, skin becomes thinner with dryness, itching, slackness and wrinkling. These effects are hastened by the damaging effects of sunlight. Although ageing skin may seem trivial in the scheme of things, it can have a profound effect on our confidence and self-esteem.”

Healthspan nurture replenish is a new product developed by doctors, dermatologists and nutritionists to address the problems associated with menopausal skin. Mature skin loses collagen and therefore it’s elasticity because of the reduced levels of oestrogen in the bloodstream, this also reduces skin turnover and the reproduction of skin cells. Unfortunately, the body can’t naturally reproduce oestrogen and as a result, we experience physical and visible changes, such as…

  • Thinner skin, with wrinkles appearing deeper due to reduced collagen production
  • Dull and tired-looking complexion due to a slower skin renewal process

Enough of the science, let’s get the fix. What we like about this range is the combination of creams for the face and tablets for the body, meaning that you can tackle the issues from both inside and out. The internal and external products contain natural plant oestrogens (phytoestrogens) to boost the skin and readdress the balance of hormones. Oh, and we also like the price!

Replenish day and night cream, £17.90
Replenish night and day skin nutrition supplements £10.95
This month you can get £2 off your order when you spend £17 and delivery is free.

Here's the best bit, Replenish want to give away five full sets to 50connect readers to see what they think of the range. All you have to do is comment on the article below and we'll pick five women to try it out!

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