8 Creative Tips & Tricks to Save Money That Work for All


Posted on: 14 April 2017 by John JohnLspearz

Whether you are rich or poor, money saving is among the rarest common factors in all. People always look to make savings whether they need it or not. So much so that they’d do anything that helps them save it.

People love to make savings, yet they find it difficult, often impossible to do so. Perhaps because they’ll prefer buying things they don’t need just out of habit. So, it comes down to this, control your habit of spending money, and you’ll surely save something every month. Furthermore, you need some tips to carving out a saving instinct in you. Once you’ve got your spending in check, saving will start to come naturally to you. Here are some unique, but doable saving ideas that’ll help you make significant savings over time:

1. Balance Out Your Spending And Savings:
The cornerstone to accommodate savings into your monthly routine is to maintain a balance between spending and saving. Though it’s hard to control your monthly expenses, try not to spend every penny you earn each month. Make a table of your monthly expenses and put the rest in a saving account or your personal piggy bank. 
2. Instead Of Driving, Walk
Sitting in the driving seat all the time is not a good idea. Take a stroll down the street and try to walk to nearby locations at least. The more you walk, the more you save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance. Though it may sound a little awkward, to walk for half an hour each day can be quite beneficial in many ways. For heart patients, walking is perhaps the best exercise. It will improve your health and stamina and will turn your otherwise untidy routine into a healthy one.
3. Look To Buy Coupons And Discounts
Shopping can be tricky, but you can save you as much as coupons and discount schemes. Several retailers and clothing sites launch these projects to create awareness for a newly launched product. In some cases, retailers are looking to clear old stocks and make space for the new lot. Either way, such schemes offer a great opportunity for customers to buy high-quality garments and accessories at very nominal prices. Some online sites like ClothingRIC provide discounts of up to 50% off or more on a select range of clothing brands and accessories. Likewise, customers are also facilitated with schemes like free shipping or coupons on branded clothing. All in all, shopping with coupons is a great way to make significant savings on your favorite clothing items and accessories.
4. Don’t Buy An Expensive Smartphone Contract
Everyone wants to have the best smartphone plan and for a good reason. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the fastest data connectivity and cheapest call and SMS packages? But, you'll have to pay a lot for it, which often becomes unaffordable. You can live without the fastest data connection on your smartphone, as you have the internet at home and office anyway. Same goes for calling, as a cheap calling and SMS package will serve you well for the month. If you somehow ended up buying an expensive contract, return it at the end of the month and buy an affordable one. It will help you save a decent sum each month. 
5. Make Savings While Buying 
As the saying goes, “Small steps lead to success,” and it works in this case. Every time you go out to shop, try to save something on it. The easiest way to make savings is by filling your cart and return one or two items that you don’t urgently need. For instance, if you bought ten packs of noodles or grocery, return two and keep the remaining. Repeat this practice whenever you go out shopping. Slowly, expand your habit to other items when shopping for clothing, electronics, shoes, perfumes and other must have items. You’ll notice that your piggy bank is getting fatter. 
6. Be Energy Efficient
Known as the Vampire Power, it is the power that your appliances consume while turned off. You may be wondering how, well, all you need is to keep them plugged in and see your electricity units piling up. Being energy conscious is not enough so do the needful and start pulling out plugs. Did you know that you're plugged-in electronic devices consume electricity even when turned off? That’s true, like your desktop and charged in laptops (when charging), cable TV boxes, coffee maker, iron, fridge, toaster, microwave oven, and fans; all keep consuming electricity unless you plug them out. 
7. Keep An Eye On Expiration Dates 
If you are among those who want to buy things in bulk and avoid paying more on the same item after a month, the idea is good but practice caution. Sometimes, buyers shop for things keeping price hike in mind, but they forget to look at expiration dates. Now, imagine if you bought a three month stock of meat that was to expire a month later. There is no way you could consume so three month stock within a month, the remaining stock will expire, and the retailer may or may not take it back. In either case, you’ll suffer an unnecessary headache all because of a simple mistake. In fact, you should make a rule about purchasing edible items, “Never buy stocks of something that you cannot consume quickly.” You will save from unnecessary headaches. To avoid this situation, always keep an eye on expiration dates of useful items and strictly abide by your rule.
8. Dine Out Once A Month
If you like dining and like to do it a lot, think again. Dining can cost a lot, depending on the place you dine at. Still, instead of eating four times a month, it is better just to do it once a month. Why? Because where four dining will cost you $1000, dining once will cost you $250. You do the math and decide between dining and saving. 
These tips will surely help you save a decent sum out of your income each month. 

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Bill McHill posted 21 April 2017

We are in the midst of a 30% salary reduction & have cut out shopping & dining out on weekends. And cut out drinking alcohol during the week. In January, we saved $500, easily. Plus, I'm baking our bread & that saves a LOT- plus it makes the house smell sooooo good! Binary Options Trading


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