According to Scientists : Comedy Movies are Beneficial to Health


Posted on: 23 November 2015 by Anderson smith

How the comedy and laughter are good for our health, to prove it an experiment conducted by the researchers.

American scientists have once again proved that laughter is the best medicine. Specialists of the University of Maryland School of Medicine studied the effect of laughter and stress on the functioning of blood vessels. It turns out that watching a really fun comedy is very good for the heart and thrillers and war films, on the contrary, harmful to health.

Let me watch this movie

Volunteers who participated in the experiment, watched various films and physicians at this time to monitor the state of the circulatory system participants. The total was made about 300 measurements. On the first day all enjoyed entertaining comedy "There's Something About Mary," with Cameron Diaz in the lead role and the next time appreciated the Hollywood blockbuster about World War II, "Saving Private Ryan" by Steven Spielberg. "While watching the second scene the audience vessels narrowed dangerously decreased blood flow, - says Dr. Michael Miller of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the United States. This finding confirms previous studies that have suggested that between mental stress and the narrowing of the blood vessels there is a connection. " To describe a condition known medically as vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels, particularly the arteries). As for comedies, they not only did not cause this dangerous symptom but also improves the condition of the circulatory system and dilates blood vessels. The difference in the diameter of the arteries at the same time people watching comedies and horror ranged from 30% to 50%.

Michael Miller recalls that cardiovascular disease often occur because of the unbalanced state of the nervous system caused by watching stressful films, replete with villains and unpleasant events. "The conclusion you can make is: laughter - the best medicine for the heart - concluded by the researchers".

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Beckham Kirkland posted 17 April 2017

The comedy and laughter are always beneficial for our health, I have read about it at the as well, Pretty much amazed with all the great work of yours, Thanks for a superb share.

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