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Posted on: 27 December 2016 by Shawn Clark

As we head into the New Year, below are a few tips to ensure that you start off the years sexy and get to enjoy an amazing time.

One of the most basic human needs after food and shelter comes sex. This is something that very few men can go without. And there is a good reason to it. It is because man is wired in such a way that they will get that need for companionship and this is completed by engaging in sex which connects one person to the other. With the many pressures of life, it may be quite challenging to get to engage in the best sex that you may desire. One has to think outside the box to ensure that the one you love does not feel disconnected as this breeds dissatisfaction. As we head into the New Year, below are a few tips to ensure that you start off the years sexy and get to enjoy an amazing time.

Give your partner a massage

In life, we may spend a lot of time focusing on ourselves and possibly how we can engage each other to get to enjoy an amazing time. Try to be selfless at least one of the nights when you come home tire and be the bigger person. Just invite your partner to bed and start out massaging their shoulders as you go back. The higher probability will be that your partner will reciprocate and with even better things. This is a great way to start out foreplay as opposed to the old way you have done it for far too long.


How about to spice up the new year with unique and thought to provoke dressing that will leave your partner asking for more? One of the things to note especially when it comes to men is that they are sensual beings. Even men with premature ejaculation might get to enjoy this show and possibly the last longer. Men get aroused by the just sight, with other things following through. It is for this reason lingerie should be your new best friend in the New Year. Try out a few designs and see how well it goes, I am certain that you will get to enjoy an amazing time while at it.

Beddings change

It is quite difficult to get to enjoy a great time in the New Year with a lot of the old stuff. Try and get a new and fresh change of beddings, silk sheets perhaps and then in some alluring color, possibly wine red, or white to get to enjoy a new feel in your old bed. This might just work in your favor as you sex up the New Year. For an even better feel and sense of satisfaction, choose to ask your partner the color he or she loves and make it a surprise in the New Year. This will be without a doubt be rewarded well.

Be presentable

A lot of people ignore grooming and its importance. It is especially important that your private region is well groomed as it has been shown to offer a lot of benefits to health, preventing opportunistic infections from thriving. Ensure that you shave off pubic hair as it may not seem appealing to a lot of people. Waxing it off may also work. This ensures that your partner gets to enjoy the new you in the New Year coming. Who knows, when the package is presentable, you might just end up seeing the benefits and they might just go down on you as a surprise. Also, when you are presentable and making use of top male enhancement pills, you get to deliver amazing sex.

Sensual bath

After your partner comes home from a hard day of work, do not be all up in their business and try to find out everything at a single go. Instead, try and get to understand that they are tired. Lead them to the bath where the lights are off and use candle lighting instead. This ensures you relax while you spend time with your one and only, and you might end up getting lucky.

Finger food

As the New Year sets in, healthier eating habits will come to the top of most peoples resolutions. Why not couple this resolution by having a few healthy food options but in this case, make use of them in the bedroom. Some finger food can be really interesting to make use of in the bedroom. A good idea is grapes, strawberries, and honey. When these are used well, there is no saying what one can get to. We can just agree that the New Year will be full of great sex up well in hand.

Other than the use of the above, one can also try to engage in enhancement products which have been shown to boost sexual function. These are great products based on natural products only, and you get to enjoy an amazing time when making use of them. One such product to try out is Spartagen XT. This is a product that has been used in enhancing male function and limiting premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. Do have a happy new year which is prosperous and filled with fun. 

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