How To Choose The Perfect Walking Shoes


Posted on: 06 January 2017 by Sheraz Khan

Best way to choose the perfect walking shoes.

How To Choose The Perfect Walking Shoes

Little as you know, but choosing a pair of walking shoes that is decent, fit and proper can enhance the effectiveness of your workout, at the same time reduce the chance of getting injuries during the walk. The following list consists of the things you need to keep in mind in order to choose best walking shoes for women:

The basics of choosing a pair of walking shoes

It’s only for the best if you buy your shoes at specialized stores, for they are capable of providing you the necessary tips as well as suggesting you the right pair of shoes for each type of sports.

This could cost you more comparing to buying your shoes in common stores, but it’s absolutely worth the money, given that the shoes that you’re looking for is meant to be used for a long period of time and regularly also

The end of days are the perfect time to choose best walking shoes, for after a long and active day, your feet will reach its biggest size, therefore the shoes will fit you the most perfectly

While wearing the shoes:

+ Your toes should move freely within the vamps of the shoes

+ Choosing the shoes that you find the most comfortable with, don’t blindly choosing one just because of the salesperson say that your feet and the shoes will adjust as the time goes by!

+ Walking around or jogging slowly a little bit to see if you’re really comfortable with the shoes

+ The soles should be perfectly fit, to make sure that your heels won’t slide up when you’re running or walking

+ If you’re playing a sport for more than 3 times a week then you should own a specialized pair of shoes just for that sport

+ Walking, jogging, and shoes to train under the high frequency of training. For the best walking shoes for women, the vamps should be fairly soft, have the ability to absorb humidity, preferably to have foot bed, as well as being flexible, control the heel region nicely, light and the traction must be fine


Walking is one of the most cardiovascular-friendly sports, so in order to not make practicing the sport a living hell, a light and comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must, as well as having a nice anti-shock foot bed in your heels and your metatarsals.

This help reducing pain on your heels, make shifting the weights from your heels to your toes, at the same time decreasing the pressure that your feet have to bear

Choosing the best walking shoes for yourself

Even the best shoes in the world would become useless if it is not suitable for your feet. Being a smart consumer, when it comes to shoes, according to these tips:

+ Don’t ask somebody else to buy you your shoes, even if it’s the right size for you. The perfect shoes for your feet require proper fitting, preferably try it on yourself before buying anything

+ Choose your shoes at the end of the day, as it is the time that your feet reach the maximum size it can

+ Put the exact pair of socks that you will wear to exercise to your shoes fitting

+ Make sure that there is a sufficient space, about the width of your 2 fingers from your longest toes to the shoe vamps

+ Choose the one that you can move your toes freely on it

+ Women with extra-large feet should consider buying a pair of men’s walking shoes

Adjusting your shoes when your feet have problems

When your feet or your ankle is hurt, or something goes wrong, you should consider doing a few steps to reduce the pain:

+ Insoles are one of the most effective ways to reduce pain in your heels. Mostly made from rubber, it acts as a shield to protect your heels, or to avoid swollen feet

+ Underfoot pads help protect your toes, the most common material used is hardened rubber or draper

+ Feet-supporting arches, you can totally undo the different coats of your soles and put it in the exact location of your soles to reduce the pain

Choices are a good pair of shoes will help you avoid injury, gives you the freedom to experience best inversion table. Bring great benefits for your health.

That’s all the tips that we can give you. Hope you can choose the right shoes to practice the sport that you like!

Author: Stefan Rochester


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jeif seid posted 11 January 2017

very nice post


Angela Maria posted 12 January 2017

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Cody Ottman posted 13 January 2017

Thanks for sharing such usefull information. Like your blog.


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