How to Fight the Aging Process Gracefully


Posted on: 07 August 2017 by Millie Kyle

Everyone has to grow old, but when we start reaching our 50s and beyond, it really begins to hit home that this is the truth.

Like many women, I started to feel less like myself as I got old. I still thought of myself as a young woman, and yet everyone – and all the signs around me – were telling me that I was getting old. Here’s how I fight the aging process gracefully, without getting hysterical about it or going for drastic measures.

Start Creams Early

This is something I started when I was a young woman under the advice of my mother, and it was absolutely essential. I started moisturising my skin daily in my 20s, especially around my eyes and on wrinkle-prone areas like my forehead. It’s never too late to start using face creams and moisturisers and they really do help. What is important is understanding what types are best for you, and what each type of cream actually does, so that you don’t inadvertently dry out your skin or cause breakouts.

Get Your Vitamins

There’s no way you can overestimate the power of eating healthily. Vitamins and minerals keep us strong and healthy, and they also help to improve our appearance. Vitamins A and B are particularly useful for keeping your skin looking as youthful as possible, as well as your hair and nails. If you don’t get enough vitamins in your diet, it’s essential that you take supplements to make up for it. Getting natural light and fresh air is also essential, though don’t overdo it as frequent sunburn can put you at risk of skin cancer.

Work Under The Clothes

Taking the above precautions can help preserve a youthful face for a longer time, and since wrinkles are a natural part of getting older, it can sometimes be a little too obvious when one of my friends suddenly starts looking like Joan Rivers. What none of them guess is that I’ve had some work done myself – because I focused on the area under my clothes. I had a breast reconstruction to stop the sagging and reverse the aging process there. The shape of your body can betray your age, so this is a great solution – and no one is any the wiser if you don’t want them to be!

Stay Fit And Healthy

Don’t ever neglect your health by allowing yourself to sit still for too long. Getting out and exercising is essential. Going for a run a few times a week, going swimming, even joining an aerobics class – these can all help to keep you fit for longer. When you reach middle age, weight goes on differently and your body reacts in different ways. The fitter you are, the less your age will show.

Keep Smiling

The number one thing that can make a woman look younger than her years is a smile. Smiling brightens the eyes, it livens up the shape of the face, and it makes you more likeable. More than that, it’s a sign that you love your life. Get happy and get smiling – and if you don’t feel that you have a reason to smile, set about changing that. It can add years to your life and take them off your face.

There’s no need to dress like a 16-year-old and have completely smooth skin to fight the aging process. You can do it as gracefully as you like, and still have some tricks up your sleeve to stay looking good.

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