How to make the most of your early retirement


Posted on: 14 July 2017 by Rebecca Brown

How to make the most of your early retirement

We spend our lives first preparing for a career, than chasing a career, or taking care of our family, focusing on the money, on the day to day, and telling ourselves there will be time for everything else at a later time. However, we need to bear in mind that there is a time when we need to stop chasing things, and enjoy what we do have in the present.

We often put off traveling for a better time in the future, and if you are looking forward to early retirement, you can finally use your time to see the world. With the kids out of the house, you don’t need to stay there either, so here are some of our ideas for the places you must see all around the world.


The Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, also know at St. James’s Way, is a collection of dozens of ancient pilgrim routes across Europe, all leading to the shrine of St. James the Great in the town of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. There are tens of thousands of pilgrims who walk these routes each year, for many different reasons. Even if you are not religious, you should not miss the experience of spending several weeks, or even months, on the road, exploring different countries, learning about new cultures, trying out new foods and meeting new people.

There are several Camino routes you can choose from, some more suited for first-timers, as well as those perfect for those who are more fit and ready to tackle the challenge. Read up on your options on Camino de Santiago forums, and choose an experience that will best fit your lifestyle.


Italy can be the perfect place to start getting to know the world better, as it has something to offer for everyone. Every town and village have a rich history, the culture is more than worth exploring, and the food is famous around the world. Even if you are looking to bathe and spend some time in the sun, Italy will not let you down. If you choose to visit this year, make sure you don’t stay in just one place. Travel around a bit and get to know a certain region before you move on further. Learn to drink an espresso like the Italians do, adopt some of the fashion choices, and enjoy the pasta.


There is more to Cuba than Communism. The island is famous for many things, among which the cigars and the music are perhaps the first that come to mind. However, you should also not miss out on the beaches, the food and the people. Havana is a city like no other, with its breathtaking architecture and friendly locals, and all the literature buffs will want to walk in Hemingway’s shoes and drink where he once drank. Don’t be afraid to explore this Caribbean gem!

South Africa

If you are in the mood for more of a wild adventure, South Africa may be the right choice. Again, the beaches are beautiful, the surfing is great, and the culture is different and appealing. However, while you are in Africa, you are most likely looking to go on a safari, and see the wilderness up close. There is something magical about seeing at least a glimpse of the Big Five up close, so make sure you bring a reliable camera, and leave your fears behind.


This Balkan country has recently become one of the favourite destinations of the rich and famous, and for good reason too. The beaches and islands on the Croatian coast are simply mesmerizing, the waters are crystal clear and the sand is incredibly fine. The smell of pine trees is also not something you would connect with a beach experience, but it just adds to the charm. You don’t have to own a yacht to be able to enjoy the beauty of the different marinas. The food is also fantastic, the wines are delicious, and the culture and history of the region are also definitely worth exploring.

We hope we have added just a little bit of inspiration to your day, and that you have started contemplating your next holiday. Make sure you make the most of your early retirement. While you may just want to rest for a bit and lounge around like you hadn’t been able to do before, there is a great big world out there, just waiting to be visited. 

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