New Career Ideas for People Over 50 Years Old


Posted on: 15 June 2017 by Misty Jhones

It is not unusual for people in their mid-50s and above to consider a career change.

There is always room to take up new challenges, especially when you are still very active. Unfortunately, one of the major concerns expressed by older job seekers is ageism. 
Although this is a legitimate concern, there are efforts by the government and several non-profit organisations to clamp down on it. In the US especially, once a person is 40 years old they are protected from age discrimination.
However, there are many good companies that are willing to hire talented persons irrespective of their age. For one, as an older worker, you have accumulated work experience and skills sufficient to add value in a new career. It is also essential for older job seekers to pick a second career they can easily fit into. Besides experiences, other factors that will determine this include:
● Personal interests
● Financial needs
● Health
A short background history
Prior to the mid-20 century, when the social security system became a common practice, neither second careers or retirement were practical options for workers 50 years and above. Before then, people usually worked until they became too sick or died.
Depending on the country, the social security system places the retirement mark between 60 and 65 years. Using America as an example, relatively short life-spans and the general disapproval of job hopping in the mid to late 20th century (in the corporate industry) meant people often spent their entire lives in one career. Today, the increase of the average life expectancy to 76.73 years has increased the chances of many people taking a second career especially among those displaced by the recession almost a decade ago.
Choosing a second career
If you are still unsure about the second career that is most suitable for you, it may be a good idea to see a career counsellor. A career counsellor can perform career assessment tests that compare your personal interests and personality against various job types. These tests can reveal certain latent talents which were previously unknown. The national or local community career development association can help put you contact a certified career counsellor.
Recommendations for older workers
The AARP foundation is one of the biggest senior advocacy organization in the world. It advises older workers to search for new careers in areas of promising growth. They include:
● Customer service representative
● Nursing
● Retail sales
● Home health care
● Corporate mentorship
● Sports counselling (life coaching)
● Consultancy
According to Brendan of Free Parking Domain Names, online professions also provide great opportunities for older citizens. For instance, investing in domain names which is a growing sector of the webosphere.
“Domain name investing is simply about insight and timing. With the right choice, an investor can make a good killing. What’s more, it does not require physical exertion and gives the investor sufficient time to spend with their family,” he says.
Other AARP recommendations involve going back to school to acquire new skills in a different field or starting your own establishment. The organisation has deployed a Recareering website aimed at assisting over 50s in securing a second career or new job.
Adult internship
This is useful especially after you have discovered a good second career you would like to specialise in. An adult internship helps you acclimatise with the functions and expectations of the role while reintegrating with the latest workplace practices.
This is well depicted in the 2015 movie The Intern featuring Robert De Niro as an older worker who goes back into the labour market as an intern at an online company. He brings his experience and charm to the disorderliness of the typical millennial workplace. The movie is worth watching. 
A short internship can also save you from making expensive mistakes in a second career that is an unsuitable fit for you. It can also provide you with vital information and networks in a second career that is right for you.

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