Spring Cleaning Using Minimal Amount of Water


Posted on: 26 December 2016 by Hadley Baylee

Sustainability and the preservation of resources depend on every little thing that we do. While spring cleaning is of paramount importance for maintaining a beautiful home, it can be a rather wasteful procedure.

Conserving water while doing spring cleaning is heavily dependent on using the right window cleaning equipment and washing supplies. In addition, there are a few other essentials to stick to for the optimal use of water.

Use Water-Conserving Nozzles

Lots of water will be wasted while you’re washing with a hose. There’s a simple solution and it’s not going to cost you a lot. The solution comes in the form of a water saving hose nozzle.

Many of these products are intended for heavy-duty cleaning and they ensure sufficient water pressure. There are different spray settings, as well, and these can be used for the completion of different cleaning tasks.

Water conservation nozzles are created for pressure compensation. Thus, a fine mist of water can be used to accomplish the same cleaning tasks that you’ll typically complete with the hose and a large volume of water.

A standard garden hose can release approximately 12 gallons of water per minute. The amount is reduced drastically through the installation of a water saving nozzle.

Use Rain Water

If you’re cleaning the patio or washing your car as a part of the spring cleaning process, you can rely on the rainwater that you’ve collected prior to the event.

A container for rain water reservation will come in handy. You can use the water to irrigate plants or to complete outdoor cleaning tasks.

If you’re keen on using rain water more extensively, you can purchase a specialized rain water harvesting system. These can be incredibly simple and inexpensive or equipped with numerous filters that make the water usable in a wide array of ways.

Go to a Commercial Car Wash

Want to make your vehicle spotless? If so, you may want to visit a commercial car wash. You’ll get excellent results and you’ll conserve water at the same time.

A commercial car wash is connected to a sanitary sewer. This means that all of the water used in the process will go to a water treatment facility.

Commercial car washes are also less wasteful than cleaning the vehicle at home. Washing the car on your own will necessitate approximately 30 gallons of water per vehicle. A self-serve car wash utilizes just 15 gallons of water. The difference is significant.

Save Water When Cleaning the Floors

Regardless of the types of floors you have at home, it’s possible to save water during cleaning. Power washers are perfect for concrete floors because they use a lot of pressure that minimizes the amount of water needed to get the job done.

When it comes to mopping indoor floors, you can use products that can be used without a bucket of water. Such products are applied to the floor, they remove stains and polish the hard surface. There’s no need to mop with water when you’re done.

You can save water when it comes to washing carpets and rugs, as well. There are carpet washing machines or steamers that work on such soft surfaces. These appliances are created with water conservation in mind. On top of needing small amounts of water to work, they’re also quite powerful in terms of stain and dust removal.

Be smart and conscious in the selection of cleaning supplies. Thinking about the environment will make you feel good about your decisions and it will also contribute to a sensible reduction in your utility bills.

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