Stylish Belly Dancing Embellishments to Spice-Up Your Performance


Posted on: 09 January 2017 by Linda Lee

Belly dance is a popular dance form of the Middle East. The dance form basically includes torso movement. The popularity of the dance form increased in the recent years for significant reasons.

Belly dance is popular among women because it enhances the beauty of the figure and proves to be a holistic approach towards exercise. Belly dancing is embraced by many because this help in achieving a great figure. Associated with the dance is the incorporation of beautiful accessories and costumes. The inclusion of LED in the costume helps in adding elegance to the dress and performance.

Tips to choose belly dance costume:

The material of the costume plays an important role in the dance performance. The appearance of the belly dancer is very important. The costumes with LED appear to be more appealing. The dresses are not only available in physical stores but also available at online stores like Following are necessary tips for buying a belly dance costume:

1.   Skirts:

The skirt wore by a dancer must be light and long. The material of the dress is silk or satin. The extra flairs of the skirt help in flaunting the movements of the dancers. The skirt size also helps in the easy movement of the dancers. Therefore before choosing the dress one must make sure that the skirt is made of light materials. The color of the skirt must be bold and bright. The skirts are sometimes decorated with tassels and coins.

2.   Accessories:

Accessories are lovely additions to the costume. These are made of coins and metals. Apart from these, umbrellas, veils and wings are included in order to make the performance look more vibrant. Small LED lights are modern innovations added to the accessories. The dancers decorate their accessories with LED lights to make it more elegant and appealing. Belts are worn by the dancers. The belts are basically used for its sonic and visual accent. This small part plays a huge role as it diverts the attention to hip movements.

3.   Tops:

The costume of a belly dancer includes a halter or bra-like structure. The structure is decorated in typical ways to create an illusion. Since the dance form includes different posture, the decoration of the dress must be extremely appealing. Gauzy, tassels and sheers are used to decorate the tops.

Besides, choosing the best apparel for dancing one must also try to include sophisticated accessories. LED umbrella, wings and hand fans are few such accessories that help in giving the belly dancer an elegant look and make the performance more appealing.

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