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You’re not in high school anymore. In order to be successful in university, it’s not enough to be smart; you also need to be recognized and liked by your professor.

You’re not in high school anymore. In order to be successful in university, it’s not enough to be smart; you also need to be recognized and liked by your professor. That’s near impossible to do when there are 50-500 students in your class. Most likely, your professor won’t even know your name until the very end of the semester. How can you ensure that your professor knows you and gives you the best grade possible? Follow these ten easy steps.  


The best way to impress your college professor is to submit a brilliant essay


Oftentime, professors have to read countless essays, and only a handful of them are up to their standards. After you’ve submitted that first mind-boggling outstanding essay, the professor will receive all of your future essays and already think they’re amazing. If you’re not sure how to write an essay that’s good enough for that first impression, pr if you are asking yourself: “Who can write my essay for me?” you can always buy an essay online.


Don't miss your first day of class


As mentioned before, it’s all about the first impression. Skipping class communicates that you don’t care about it. On the very first day of class, introduce yourself. Something along the lines of: “Hi, my name is …” accompanied with “I’m really looking forward to taking this class” can go a long way. If for some reason you can’t come to the first class, email your professor and explain your circumstances.


Show up to class on time


If for any reason you are late, be respectful and quiet when you enter the seminar or the lecture hall. If a professor thinks you’re a disrespectful person, no matter how well you do on your assignments, they’ll have a negative prejudice toward you.


Go to office hours


Your teachers are most likely available outside of class hours. As soon as you feel like you’re falling behind on class material, a great way to catch up and get to know your professor outside of the classroom. Prepare questions or topics that you would like to discuss; this will also indicate that you care about the subject.


Figure out their pet peeves


If you notice that a professor gets annoyed by a specific habit, don’t do it. A common pet peeve is usage of technology. A professor probably doesn’t like to see you texting in class. If the syllabus states that students don’t require a laptop for that class, don’t bring one in.


Follow the professor’s directions


If a professor likes something a certain way, then make sure to give it to them in the format that they best prefer.


Complement the professor


Whether you like their shoes or today’s lecture, make sure to let them know. Don’t be a suck-up and do it all the time, but an occasional nice comment here and there would really make your professor see you in a better light.


Be professional in class


Dress to impress; don’t show up in your PJ’s. When you’re in class, sit upright and take notes. Don’t slump in your seat. A good tip is to sit in the front and always in the same place, that way, your professor has a higher chance of remembering your face.




Participate in class. Show your professor that you’re willing to engage. Ask questions about the class material or anything you don’t understand well. However, don’t ask questions that are answered in the syllabus; don’t waste anyone’s time.


Ask about research and opportunities


If you know your professor is currently doing research on something, ask him. If they think you’re interested in what they’re interested in, they are more inclined to like you. You can also inquire your professor about any internship or research opportunities. By doing this, you further demonstrate your drive and ambition.


Now that you’ve read these tips, you can ensure that your professor knows and likes you, and you have better chances of getting the best grade possible.


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