What to Consider When Choosing Cleaning Services for Seniors


Posted on: 07 January 2017 by Wassana Lampech

When it comes to house cleaning and maid services for the elderly, the decision of hiring is a personal one. However, engaging a maid cleaning service has both pros and cons.

For some people, allowing strangers into their homes for cleaning purposes amounts to the invasion of privacy. Others would argue that apart from providing peace of mind, having a cleaning service saves both time and energy, making it a well worth alternative. To help you get off the fence, below are tips, suggested by Ayasan Service, for you on what to consider when choosing cleaning services for seniors.


Choosing house cleaning services for the elderly is a delicate matter, one that you should handle with caution. Because the safety and comfort of your loved one are of uttermost importance, you need to find a reputable housekeeping service provider, which is where references come in handy. Ask the most trustworthy coworkers, neighbors, and family members for recommendations. Also, most professional cleaning companies have written recommendations and references on file. As such, you should ask them to provide you with the contacts of credible references, specifically those who can vouch for the company’s quality of service. Remember to keep researching until you are as comfortable as you can be with the information gathered.

Experience and training

Providing cleaning services for seniors requires experience, which is far better if specific and continuous training backs it. Acquiring some information about the type of training every staff cleaner receives, who provides the training, and how often it is refreshed and updated is, therefore, important.


When it comes to ensuring the safety of your loved one, proof of certification is of utmost importance. A company that offers house cleaning services for elderly people should be compliant with every relevant authority including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Cleaning Industry Management Standard. You should, therefore, ask for a list of all the related certifications.


It is important to ascertain the company that provides a maid to clean for a senior is fully insured. Insurance is meant to ensure the safety and security of your loved one.


When looking for maid, remember to ask your cleaning company if they have blackout times on their schedule and what their policy is on issues that arise outside of their regular business hours or emergency requests. Getting real-life examples of how the company came through for specific clients is important.


Responsibility is critical when it comes to caring for the elderly, which is why you should find out how a cleaning company measures and tracks their success on job sites. You also need to know how you can provide them with feedback and what they do with the feedback. Find out whether they provide tracking tools and if they have a formal complaint procedure in place.

Customizable plans and programs

When it comes to house cleaning services for the elderly, you should make sure you are not cornered into a program that offers less or too much for your loved one. Find out whether the cleaner offers add-on services that can streamline your processes and improve the bottom line.


Ensuring the safety of your loved one involves a lot more than you probably think. Apart from being compliant with OSHA and any other relevant laws, the company you work with needs to have a uniformed staff complete with badges for easy recognition. The company also needs to have established processes and procedures in place to protect privacy and confidentiality. Providers that have such measures show how much they value the safety of their clients.

Supplies and equipment

While green was the next big thing, it is now the big thing and definitely here to stay. You need to find out if the cleaner uses green cleaning products, processes, and equipment. Ask about what the cleaning company uses and whether they are environmentally friendly. In addition to finding out the quality of what they use, you can also find out whether your provider buys local, how much they spend on supplies, and whether they actively seek ways to save.

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