Wordpress Themes Suitable For Senior Citizens And How To Optimize Them


Posted on: 20 March 2017 by Misty Jhones

Helping seniors to improve the world through their writing experience.

If your website is targeted at a more matured demographic, between 50-70 years of age, here are a few WordPress themes the senior members of society might find alluring and nostalgia inducing.
  1. Ferado: Ferado’s concept is based on fashion magazines from days gone by, and its goal is to have images on your site jump out and capture your audience. This makes it ideal for capturing the focus of seniors who might have short attention span. The theme’s typeface stays simple and has a two-tone scheme for its colours.
    This theme is an excellent choice for any site that is focused on style or providing captivating content, because the site’s arrangement optimizes every tool to ensure visitors stay engaged on every page they open. Your content is practically working hand in hand with the theme to totally capture your audience with shorter, straight to the point messages and high contrasts that emphasise a gripping colour scheme.
  2. Ephemera - Vintage Ecommerce WordPress Theme: Ephemera is designed to be more appropriate as a theme for ecommerce sites. This implies that it is ideal for creating an online shopping site that seniors should find both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The vintage look of this theme is the real draw as its aesthetics induces a sense of nostalgia in those who lived, worked and played through the 70’s. 
  3. Modern Vintage - One Page WordPress Theme: This theme carries an interactive modern web layout and combines it with a dashing vintage styling that showcases your website’s business. For seniors looking to be entertained by the colourful or thought provoking works of creative artists such as, photographers, writers, and the like, this website’s touch of retro provides a nice canvas for artistic online content. The theme is compatible with mobile devices, and is retina friendly. It also has a very efficient admin panel for quickly and easily modifying settings, and performing other customizations.
  4. Revoke: If you need a site that isn’t intimidating or too loud and complicated, but want a smooth and relaxed site, then the Revoke theme created by the Tesla team could be the right choice for you. The theme favours having a lot of white space, but it also offers loads of options that are stylishly reminiscent of the exciting music scene of the 1970s. The theme’s theme is centred on austereness and avoids being unnecessarily elaborate, but still manages to provide enough elements of significance to draw the eye of your chosen target audience to your content.
With longer life expectancies, the more seasoned members of society are a potential market. But to satisfy this demographic, you need to offer something they actually need through a medium that can actually grab and keep their attention while communicating your message.
Themes are a wonderful way of accomplishing this. But having your website being easily navigable is also key. With the internet now part and parcel of everyday life, the popular stereotype of older generations avoiding the web is now mostly irrelevant.
After you’ve chosen a WordPress theme ideal for your site or blog, the following still needs to be put in place;
  1. Increase font size of your text: We all know eyesight tends to deteriorate as we age and yet most sites targeting an older demographic tend to use tiny text, making it difficult for their content to be communicated.
    At least 12-point font should be the default setting for sites aiming for more senior members of society.
  2. Apply different colours to assist in navigating your site: A study made it apparent that older internet users were likely to forget what links they’d already visited when colours weren’t used to distinguish visited from unvisited links.
  3. Error messages should be very clear: Even younger web users might have trouble understanding an error message because of vague wording or the placement of the error message is unapparent. The key to solving this is simplicity - Making sure error messages are easily understood and obvious.
  4. Major navigation alterations should be avoided: To improve a site, a redesign or remodelling might be necessary. But most seniors have a routine for browsing sites and when their routine is disturbed by significant changes to a site, they might just stop visiting the site altogether.

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