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Posted on: 24 August 2010 by Editor at Large

It’s the ultimate in an austerity holiday. Save yourself time and space on packing by going as nature intended., we are told, is making a comeback.

Forget for one minute all those cheesy 1950s nudist camp documentaries you may have seen in your youth, where busty ladies play with beach balls (behind strategically paced hedges) and pipe smoking chaps risk emasculation to fry sausages.

Naturism today is a philosophy that brings better physical health through direct contact with the natural elements. Good moral health through the spirit of tolerance, brought about by the practice of communal nudity and the invigorating atmosphere of the naturist environment.

It’s the ultimate green spiritual escape.

A spokesperson for naturist tour operator, Peng Travel, says: “More and more people are keen to experience the naturist lifestyle. There’s little else that feels as liberating as the caress of a gentle breeze, the kiss of the sun or the gentle flow of water on bare skin.  Naturism also encourages a great sense of community and a non-judgmental, tolerant attitude.  Nakedness is a great leveller – without the outer dressing there’s a greater sense of equality.”

Britain’s bare naked egalitarians can be counted in hundreds of thousands. There are approximately 20 - 25 million throughout Europe, and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

There are resorts across Britain and the continent. Policies vary from resort to resort. Some have a ‘dawn-to-dusk’ nudity policy. Others confine nudity to outdoors. People usually dress to eat at an indoor restaurant and often for dinner in the evening.

France’s Cap d’Agde was built in the 1970s and has become a must-visit destination for naturists. This large resort has over 36,000 beds, more than 100 shops, bars, restaurants and clubs, and encourages 24/7 nudity.

Spain’s Vera Playa is also a very popular resort where the four star Vera Playa Club has a ‘dusk to dawn’ dress code.

If you fancy trying a naturist holiday, Peng Travel should be your first port of call. They started arranging naturist holidays in 1971 and is now Britain’s largest naturist tour operator, fully licensed and ABTA bonded. Peng Travel destinations include France, Spain, Croatia, Crete, USA and Mexico.

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