Ch'Arm provides comfortable nip and tuck to body bulges

Posted on: 06 December 2010 by Rhian Mainwaring

The bingo wing is the latest body con issue to be sucked in and squeezed out - will you be buying one?

Ch'ArmEver since Renee Zellweger flashed her very sexy big knickers in Bridget Jones Diary spandex underwear has been flying off the shelves. No longer a taboo in the fashion world, the spanx have become the ultimate party accessory for any Little Black Dress, hiding unsightly bulges, accentuating your curves and leaving you feeling party confident. Research has shown that there is however, no sexy way to remove such an item (trust me I’ve done the legwork)!

The Ch'Arm vest is the latest in supportive under-wear. Where a Wonderbra lifts the bust and spanx boost the bum, Ch'Arm has stepped in to tighten under arm skin - the bingo wing as it's so lovingly known.

No doubt this will be the latest trick up Gok Wans sleeve, but there are a few issues with it. For one, you can only where long sleeve dresses, which means for those who are slightly self conscious there is no real benefit, apart from a smoother definition. 

However, on these cold nights the Ch'Arm vest would certainly add a thermal layer, with breasts exposed you can still flaunt your best assets and it's another confidence booster when it comes to those special nights out.

This little beauty is only available in the US at the moment and was created by American actress Kathy Najimy, 53. She hopes that the garment priced at around £20 will give women the confidence to wear more closely fitting clothes, banishing the burden of bingo wings!

Of course we ladies aren't the only ones to revel in the joys of spanx, there has recently been an uptake in male gurdles! What's your views? To breathe or not to breathe, that is the question...

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