Energise your look with colour!

Posted on: 08 March 2013 by Michaela Jedinak

Michaela Jedinak shows how colour can give your wardrobe a boost

Fashion tips for mature womenThis season it seems all colours from the colour spectrum are in fashion and all of them come in different shades and hues from bright, icy, neutral, softer or to deep. It can be all a quite a colour shock. Plus all of these colours come not only in solid colours but as well in prints. You can choose from abstract, stripes to floral prints.

What colours and prints you choose in the end to wear depends firstly on your personal colouring, secondly on your body shape, since you want to make sure that the colour and/prints are complementing it and creating the right attention on that particular body part and last not least your style personality.

If you are not comfortable of wearing colours in your clothes you can always wear them in your accessories from scarves, shoes and bag. Important here is to keep your look current by updating it. And there is nothing easier then keeping it modern with colour in order to avoid a dated look.

If you don’t know which colours are looking best on you need to determine two things.

  1. Define your dominant colour, which is depending on your hair, skin and eye colour, so that you know how to make them work with each other.
  2. Analyse your body shape, so you know where you can wear the colour.

The aim of wearing the right colours in your dominant colours is to create balance and harmony between your own colouring and the colours you wear, in both clothes and make-up.

Please note that little changes in your hair such as grey hair, highlights or lowlights in your hair will affect your dominant colour. This means a colour that may have looked great in the past, now doesn't work so well any more or not at all. So, don't ignore this factor simply because it might be your favourite colour.  Try something new instead by trying out new colours or/ wearing your favourite colour in a different way. Trying out new things will help you to stay in touch with fashion.

If there are colours that look great on you, but for one reason or another you don't like the colour on you or at all, then just don't wear it. As important as it is to wear the right colours, it's also important to feel comfortable with the colour choices you are wearing.

Colour is individual, influential, emotional, therapeutic and joyful and the emotions it stirs a vital part of a woman's beauty and charm.

Women who understand colour look more interesting, more in control, more confident, more self-assured and ultimately more attractive. These women have more personality in their looks, because they have created their own colour signature.

Colour cannot only affect your mood and your energy but also how you are seen by others, from your partner to your friend or boss.


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