Shopaholic: Hurry, the Sale is on!

Posted on: 23 December 2010 by Shopaholic 50connect

Shopaholic brings you the best ‘January’ sales at a highstreet near you!

January salesIf you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute or you couldn’t get to the shops due to the snow then you can make up for it over the holidays - what used to be January sales, now start in December. So, if your travel plans have been disrupted you might be able to cash in, buying your presents late or lavishing treats on yourself to put a silver lining on that big snow cloud!

If you’re a really savvy shopper this time of year is when you stock up on pressies for next year, but consider Valentine's presents or birthday presents as well!

The sales this year should be good, with the economic climate as it is and with disappointing footfall on the highstreet due to adverse weather conditions…

Put these dates in your diary:

  • John Lewis:  27th December
  • House of Fraser: 24th December
  • Debenhams: 26th December
  • Fenwicks: 27th December
  • Selfridges: 26th December or earlier
  • Harrods: 27th December
  • M&S: 27th December or earlier

Top tips for Bargain Hunting:-

  • Pick a day and time which is less crowded, so try to avoid the first day of sales. If you’re  a hardcore sales lover then you will probably be able to handle it, which means you’ll have first dibs on the bargains!
  • Don’t buy items with a warranty such as electronic goods, watches or gadgets unless they’re for yourself. If they’re presents for next Christmas or later in the year the warranty may run out before you pass them on.
  • If you have a store card then look out for special discount days, Harrods often offer 10% extra discounts on weekends.
  • Department stores often carry more stock, which means their discounts are better and there are more bargains to be found. If they’re a concession (like Topshop or Warehouse) check their returns policy, you may only be able to return the item to the department store.
  • If you’re purchasing food items such as cakes and confectionery, check the sell-by date. You’re gifts wont be appreciated if they’re past the sell by date!
  • Items with a “second” tag may not always be inferior goods, some manufacturers sell their “over-stocked” items as “seconds”. A thorough check will do the job, a missing button can easily be replaced!
  • Last, but by no means least: don’t weep if you see your purchased items being reduced further the next day. It’s the luck of the draw!

Santa shopaholicYou win some, you lose some, that’s life!

Happy bargain hunting and have a wonderful holiday!

The Shopaholic x

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