Valentine's Day underwear for real women!

Posted on: 03 February 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

We want underwear that is both comfortable and sexy (and not made out of cheesewire!)

Well if you're anything like me (a 34 G) then you'll know as well as I do that this is no easy task. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that an underwear shopping trip generally ends in tears and tantrums in a dressing room which leaves you feeling five dress sizes bigger than you actually are. Where is Mary Portas when you need her?

Although things are getting better, and bra sizes are getting bigger, (all hail the Bravissimo L cup) this doesn't mean that underwear for the bigger busted beauty is always that easy to come across. But I've had a look around for underwear companies that stock bigger sizes and understand that just because we're packing GG's doesn't mean we should look like we're modelling Nora Batty's smalls!


Red bra Miss MandalayVintage vixen – this is red hot!

Sizes: Up to a G cup
Cost: Bra £40.86 Knickers £24.52
From: Miss Mandalay for Simply yours


Black braThe little black set!

Everyone needs one. Black lace and ribbon make for a sultry set, perfect for a romantic night in.
Sizes: Up to a K cup
Cost: Bra £29.50 Knickers: £12.50
From: Bravissimo


BravissimoIf you like cutesy underwear then this is for you!

White chiffon with red hearts, ribbons and frills.
Sizes: Up to a K cup
Cost: Bra £28 Shorts £16 and Suspenders £16 = £60
From: Bravissimo


So what have I learnt? Well it’s still not easy to buy underwear if you’re anything past a D cup, which I have to say I find pretty disheartening, especially when all around us boobs are reportedly getting bigger and bigger. So until the shops catch up with us here are my top tips for feeling fabulous when choosing underwear!

Beauty is skin deep

Especially when it comes to trying on underwear! Before you go shopping make sure you’re already feeling good about yourself. So have a nice bath, exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly and if you’re a fake tanner then indulge yourslef. Go out with big bouncy hair and a bright red lipstick and you’ll saunter into that changing room like you own the place! You’re first view in the mirror shouldn’t be pale and interesting – but buffed and beautiful.


If you don’t like parading around in your bra and pants then think of sexy accessories. Whether that’s stockings, long socks or killer stilettos, anything that makes you feel sexy will make you look sexy.

Curve appeal

There’s one thing us voluptuous ladies have in common and that’s our sex appeal. Curves are back in a big way, just look to Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame for inspiration, which is in turn seeing vintage underwear creeping on to the shelves. High waisted knickers no longer say Bridget Jones, they say Marilyn Monroe, accessorise with a bit of lippy, some Hollywood curls and a big smile and you’ll be looking, and feeling like a pin-up!

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