Don't let burglars ruin your summer holiday

Posted on: 29 July 2011 by 50connect Promotions

Take the necessary precautions for a stress free trip

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The run up to a holiday is always a busy time - sorting out what to pack, arranging airport pick ups and pet-sitters – and the last minute checks tend to be tickets, money, passport and a quick whizz round with the hoover. But whether you’re holidaying in the UK or heading abroad, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your home when you should be enjoying your time away.

According to the Home Office, 4 out of 5 burglaries occur when a house is unoccupied (Source:, so home insurance provider Churchill Insurance have come up with some ‘top tips’ for securing your home this summer: 

Check your security measures from the outside in

Cut the grass and tidy the garden, then make sure all tools and ladders are locked away out of sight (they could be used to break into your home). 

Lock all gates and outbuildings and keep keys indoors and out of view

Look into your house through the windows. If you can see any valuable items, move them somewhere they can’t be seen from outside. 

If possible, smaller valuables like jewellery should be locked in a safe or a bank box

As a final check when you’re heading off, make sure all windows and doors are locked shut, with keys removed and stored out of sight.

Make your home look lived in

Leaving lights and radios on a timer can give the impression that someone is around. 

Remember to cancel any regular food or newspaper deliveries and ask a trusted neighbour or friend pop in and move your post. 

If you’re going away for several weeks at a time, make sure your home insurance policy allows for this (a standard Churchill policy allows your home to be unoccupied for up to 30 days in a row), and use Royal Mail’s ‘keep safe’ service.

Don’t tell everyone you’re going away

While it’s a good idea to let a neighbour know that you’ll be away so they can keep an eye on your property, it’s not such a good idea to announce your plans on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And be careful what you write on your luggage tags, it’s safest just to include your name and a mobile phone number.

Other things that could go wrong

As well as keeping out the burglars, it’s a good idea to think about what else could go wrong while you’re away. Without going over-the-top, a few precautions can help protect against fire or flood damage – switching off and unplugging as many electrical devices as you can, and turning off the water supply are sensible steps to take.   

Check your home insurance

Home insurance provides financial protection against theft, damage and loss, so make sure you have adequate cover in case the worst should happen. Churchill home insurance provides up to £50,000 contents cover, and up to £500,000 buildings cover as standard (both can be increased) with optional extras to ensure you get all the cover you need. For more information and the latest discounts visit Churchill’s website.

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