How to cash in on the royal wedding!

Posted on: 24 March 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

It’s not often that we get a gift from the royal family so we’ve put together a list of how to take advantage of this years' most talked about event. advantage of the time off

Because of the way the bank holidays fall, you could take a two-week holiday (for example leaving on Monday 18th April and returning Monday 2nd May) and only use seven days of annual leave.

Book a last minute holiday

Yes, you won't be the only people doing it, but because of the time of year popular summer destinations will still offer good deals as the weather isn't guaranteed to be warm. With that in mind think of countries like Greece. The nation's biggest annual celebration takes place over the Easter weekend. With a cooler climate you could have a relaxing, cultural experience of your own.

Rent our your house

If you're lucky enough to own a house in central London then you could make some serious money by renting out your pad for royal enthusiasts. With an estimated 2 million people descending on London for the royal wedding and hotels hiking their prices up, there's a real need for (semi) affordable housing in London for the weekend. You can rent your house out at gumtree, or at and there's a handy list of tips here, on letting out your home to strangers.

Street partyGet into the spirit!

If you fancy celebrating the wedding the old fashioned way, why not get your whole street involved with a street party. Councils are generally working with the public on this one but each local authority will have different rules. It seems the latest application for a street party needs to be in by the 1st of April, but check with your local borough .For more information visit the directgov website.

So what will it be for you? Take a last minute holiday, host a street party or let the whole weekend just pass you by while you enjoy two long weekends in a row, let us know below...

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