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Posted on: 20 December 2012 by Gareth Hargreaves

Destined to be an enduring classic, the Women's Institute Complete Christmas is a recipe book from heaven.

Women's Institute Complete Christmas From the world-renowned Women's Institute (WI) comes the complete guide to creating a beautiful Christmas.

It's been a while since Mrs Beaton but this book is set to be an enduring favourite for many a Christmas to come. The WI Complete Christmas is packed full of recipes and ideas for Christmas it all you need to survive the festive period.

From traditional favourites such as Roast Turkey, Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies, to modern variations, including  a Vegetarian Terrine, Fruit Compote and Millionaire Shortbread. Chapters include a Cheat's Christmas to help the truly time-starved cook create the best Christmas ever, and a guide to Parties and Celebrations that will enable even a first-time caterer to provide for the masses.

Throughout the book, craft and gift features add inspiration to help make the days even more sppecial. Features include table decorations, Christmas wreaths, edible gifts, home-made cards and many more.

A classic book that will be of value for years to come, covering every aspect of Christmas, from the countdown weeks ahead, through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, to suggestions for using up leftovers and for light meals.  Definitely a winner!

The WI Complete Christmas cost £20 from all good bookshops, but you can save 30% at Amazon and purchase it for only £14.00

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