Head out (to your kitchen) for a curry

Posted on: 13 November 2009 by Mark O'haire

Expand your curry-making skills with our two simple but satisfying dishes.

Why is it we always feel that we have to go out to get a delicious, authentic-tasting curry? Whether it’s the neighbourhood Indian restaurant that knows your favourite dish by memory or the local curry house that you have on speed dial, there’s something that keeps you from trying to prepare the food yourself. Recent research by Sharwood’s has revealed that it’s likely to be that you have no idea where to get the ingredients that make the flavour so alluring and you think it’s a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

But now is your chance to learn how to make those curries for a fraction of the cost and in no time at all. Sharwood’s Indian Head Chef, Munish Manocha, was born and raised in Delhi. His expertise comes from several years spent backpacking around the most remote corners of India to discover secret cooking methods and recipes plus years as a chef in top restaurants around the world - this has helped him develop some of the UK’s most popular cooking sauces.

In the following videos he shows you how to make a Lamb Balti and Pork & Spinach Biryani, with a few key ingredients and almost no effort at all.

To expand your curry-making skills, check out the videos below and add two simple but satisfying dishes to your culinary repertoire!

Balti Video

Biryani Video

For more information and recipes visit www.sharwoods.com

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