Heston Blumenthal’s Kitchen Innovation Masterclass

Posted on: 29 June 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Did you know that you could use your dishwasher to poach pears? Or use an ordinary kitchen mixer to make fresh ice-cream?

You’d be surprised how inventive you can be in the kitchen. World-leading chef and culinary innovator Heston Blumenthal is on hand to show you just how imaginative you can be.

Heston is also spearheading a nationwide search for the culinary British innovator of the future. He is heading up an expert judging panel and is inviting the nation to get behind their passion for kitchen perfection and innovative design.

The competition invites Britons of all ages to unite in their passion for kitchen perfection and innovative design – The overall winner of the challenge will be awarded a once –in-a-lifetime package estimated to be worth £50,000.

The winning package includes a £10,000 cash prize, as well as the opportunity to develop the product and work towards putting it on sale, with the winner receiving royalties on any future sales nationwide.


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