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Posted on: 06 December 2010 by Shopaholic 50connect

For both economical and environmental reasons we have to be more considerate about the amount of food we consume and try where possible not to waste anything...

Food wasteJamie Oliver's been there, but we're not all celebrity chefs so here's my 'Top Tips' on how to maximise your budget and get the best value for money on your food:-

  • Buy what's on special offer, but be savvy, take a calculator to work out whether the buy 1 get 1 free or half price is better value!
  • Most meat can be frozen on the date of purchase. Separate large packages into portions and place in freezer bags, you can even slice chicken, beef, pork or lamb ready for a stir fry or casserole, we when it's defrosted it's ready to go!
  • Keep an eye out for special offers on herbs, sauces and powders and build up a nice larder. This way  being creative is much easier, create a dish out of the food you have instead of thinking of specific recipes every night. You'll end up throwing out leftovers instead of using them up!
  • Most gravy and sauces are good to save for curry, stew and casserole: so after your Sunday roast, keep your gravy or sauce in a plastic container and freeze it for future use.
  • Be economical and environmental. Cook 3 times more than you require of rice or dishes and place in different plastic containers and freeze. The rice will be ideal to make stir fried rice (Chinese chefs never use rice straight out of the pan) These dishes make great packed lunches for work, defrosted and heated of course!
  • Don't base the quality of your vegetables on the ‘sell by date’,most of them are still totally edible if they are well stored. Some vegetables such as bean, peas, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn and even tomatoes can be frozen for future consumption, most gardeners know this only too well, what do you think they do with their harvest? Top tip though, blanch them in hot water and then rinse them with cold water before freezing.
  • Use the bones from your Sunday Roast to make a hearty stock (your great grandmother would be proud) which can be utilised in lots of stir fry dishes, chop suey or soup.
  • When using cabbage, celery, lettuce, Chinese leaves or pak choi peel layers off the veg instead of cutting it in half, it will last much longer.
  • If you have to boil vegetables (they're much  tastier and healthier steamed) try not to use too much water. You only need enough to cover the vegetables, always add a lid too, it saves your electricity bill and the environment not to mention all the nutrients! 
  • Start using smaller plates, once you've had a small plateful ask yourself if you're really hungry. You can always go back for seconds, it'll save you money, your waistline and you can use the rest for lunch or dinner the next day.

Remember, to throw food away is a ‘sin’ think of all the time and effort being spent by the farmers and growers, not to mention nature before you throw it in the bin!

Hope that's left you with some food for thought!

That’s All Folks!

The Shopaholic


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