Video: Give Classic British Dishes A Modern Makeover

Posted on: 23 July 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Celebrity chef Lesley Waters shows you how with our two videos covering Devonshire Cream Tea and Cornish Pasties.

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Cornish Pasty

Most of us love our national signature dishes – but with a little imagination they can be transformed into more contemporary versions that are arguably an improvement on the original. Take the good old Cornish pasty for instance – by replacing rolling pastry with a Mission Deli wrap you get a lighter variant that is easier to make and easier on the waistline.

And it’s not only savoury dishes - a Devonshire cream tea can be given that twenty-first century edge using sugared wraps cut into triangles, baked then stacked into a multi-layered summer fruit smasher. In this video feature, celebrity chef Lesley Waters will take you through how to make both dishes, enabling you to create cutting-edge British cuisine.

Devonshire Cream Tea

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