Web Chat: Cooking For The Perfect Night In

Posted on: 17 April 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Watch our live web chat on Friday 24th April at 12pm with top food critic Loyd Grossman to find out how to prepare the perfect big night in for family and friends.


The time-honoured tradition of having a big night in - which many of us feared was being lost - is high on people's agendas again. It seems we all want to gather our family and friends and get them over to ours for a night in of delicious dinner, but just don't think we can.

The truth is that more than one in four of us think we lack the skills to cook for lots of guests. That's why Loyd Grossman is challenging households across the nation to get cooking for family and friends - and he's here to tell us how to do just that in our live web chat.

A new survey commissioned by Loyd Grossman Sauces reveals the main reasons we don't cook for other people anymore is a fear of being criticised and not knowing what to cook.

Nearly half of us have less than six 'standby dishes' in our cookery repertories.

Show Date: Friday 24th April
Show Time: 12pm

As a renowned food critic, who himself has invested a lot of time and research in developing his own range of sauces, Loyd is the perfect person to give us some tasty guidance.

He'll be answering all your culinary related questions, and giving top tips for tasty meal ideas with limited resources. Log on to find out how just a little creative thinking about conventional ingredients can turn a dreary dinnertime into a truly tasty treat.

So set a date in the diary now for your 'big night in'...and watch our live web chat show for some expert advice on how to pull it off with a bang!

For more information visit www.loydgrossmansauces.co.uk.

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