Pension not enough to live on

Posted by: Eric Nicholson, 16 December 2011


Eric Nicholson posted 16 December 2011

I retired this year and have savings in a Scotish Widows ISA. The problem is I only payed into a Teachers' Pension for 8 yrs and so don't have much coming in. I'm about £300 in deficit each month. Now, I am not eligible for any housing/council tax Benefits because I have savings. I'm sure lots of pensioners are in the same boat! Is there any way we can get a top up!

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Alexander Hay posted 17 December 2011

Is there any part-time work available?

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nic westington posted 18 February 2012

One option, particularly when jobs are so thin on the ground and if you're over 50 they don't even consider your application is to try something yourself. Okay you may not make a mint with car boots or Ebay but it helps and something more rewarding is Bed & Breakfast.

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Pearl Halliday posted 23 February 2012

If that is a photo of your house, it looks very suitable for Bed & Breakfast, however, get plenty of business advice before starting off as there are many pitfalls if you are not used to running your own business......good luck.

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ankychrist dsouza posted 03 May 2012

This is really a very good topic, which is vital for everyone as that day will  be waiting for them. Part time jobs and future saving plans are really beneficial for people. If they have their own business than they don't need worry about pension just enjoy that days like holidays.
Some options of part time jobs are available from as well.    
Annual travel insurance

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