How to care for your prescription glasses

Posted on: 21 July 2010 by George Pamplin

Read our in depth guide on how to look after your glasses and how to prevent damaging and breaking them.

Eye health in later lifeThere are three main causes of damage to your prescription glasses, scratches, dirt and misuse. Here’s how you can prevent such damage and take better care of your precious glasses. 

How to fight damage from scratches:

No lens material - not even glass - is scratch-proof. You can reduce the chances of scratching the lens by buying anti-reflective/hard coating or at least a scratch resistant  prescription lens to begin with. In this process, the back and the front of the lens is treated with a clear, hard coating which becomes more resistant to scratching.

Put that tissue away and always use a soft micro-fibre cleaning cloth. It is a common sight to see people clean their lenses with a handkerchief or even with their jumper; however this is guaranteed to damage the lens. These types of surfaces collect dust, dirt and washing powder granules which are then transferred forcefully onto the lens. A micro-fibre cloth on the other hand is exceptionally soft and does not collect dust and dirt.

How to fight damage from dirt:

The key to prevent damage from dirt is to clean the lens on a regular basis which will prevent the build up of hard dirt particles. Regular cleaning will weaken these particles and make each cleaning process easier and shorter.

Adopt a cleaning process where you rinse the glasses under warm running water together with a mild soap solution. If you decide to use cleaning chemicals, make sure they are specifically made for prescription lenses and bought from a reputable online optician or high street optician. 

How to fight damage from misuse:

When the glasses are not being worn, always place them in their protective case. Damage from accidentally sitting on the glasses, dropping the glasses and from other items rubbing against the glasses is all too common. Using protective case will eliminate such damage and if you find yourself keep misplacing your glasses regularly; consider buying a bright colour case which will clearly standout.

Another reason for damage from misuse is the way in which some glasses wearers tend to hold the glasses frame. Holding the frame should always be done using both hands to hold both sides of the frame. Otherwise if you continue to hold only one side of the frame, the frame might bend under the pressure of the entire structure.

Prescription glasses will last for many years provided they are cared for. If you maintain the frame using our top tips you are more likely to replace your glasses when your prescription changes or when you fancy a new look, rather than because they are damaged.

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