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Posted on: 13 December 2011 by Gareth Hargreaves

Why a government’s care reform advisor wants you to ‘kick a minister’

Andrew DilnotCare Commission author Andrew Dilnot speaks to the Saga over 50s about why he is not mincing his words about care reform as we find ourselves in the midst of a care crisis that could eclipse that of pensions.

It’s been six months since the government commissioned report on the Funding of Care and Support was published.

The Dilnot Commission urged the government to dramatically improve the current system in order to do away with the worries and concerns of those either receiving care or reaching retirement age.

The government is now holding a consultation into its findings but the Report’s author, Andrew Dilnot, has been vocal in his frustration at the apparent inaction.

He is urging the ministers to find the ‘guts’ to implement reform of a system he described as ‘crazy’ and that querying whether the nation can afford to reform the current system is ‘a really stupid question.’ He concluded, in a recent speech to the English Community Care Association, that this lack of political courage could be given renewed vigour by people writing to their MPs and a campaign in the media and ‘kick any minister that you know.’

In the fifth in the Saga Speaks…webTV series, Saga Director General Ros Altmann interviews The Dilnot Commission author and economist Andrew Dilnot (CBE), about why he feels so passionate about reforming the system and what ordinary people can do to lobby the government into making effective and lasting change to the current system.

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