Don't Pay For The Credit Crunch With Your Health

Posted on: 15 June 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

With medical costs soaring and families finding it increasingly difficult to budget for their healthcare costs, financial expert Jasmine Birtles is advising people to consider taking up a health cash plan.


Health cash plans give people cash back on everyday medical costs, such as dental check-ups, contact lenses and acupuncture, and also covers unexpected costs, such as those incurred during hospital visits.

“The great benefit of health cash plans, like HSF health plan, is that they help families and individuals budget each month for potentially costly treatments,” says Jasmine Birtles.

“Not only that, but you put money in knowing that you have a very good chance of getting all, or more, of it back during the year. Private Medical Insurance, on the other hand, is a lot more expensive and there's no guarantee that you will need to use it."

Stephen Duff, HSF health plan Deputy Chief Executive, says families need to maintain their health now to avoid more serious health issues and costly operations in the future.

“Families are feeling the strain of the economic downturn. They are eating a less nutritious diet - capitalising on buy-one-get-one-free offers - and leading a more stressful lifestyle. Routine dental and optical visits are important, as early detection not only saves you money, but also increases the chances of successful treatment. Now is an important time to consider the long-term savings made by well-managed health.”

HSF health plan is the only health cash plan in the UK that covers subscribers’ partners and their children under 18 for free. Depending on the scheme, HSF health plan can reimburse everyday health costs not currently covered by taxes, up to the plan maximum.

The health cash plan was established in 1873, before the NHS existed, to help people budget for their healthcare needs. HSF health plan provides a special combined optical and dental option, which provides contributors with an annual pot of money that can be used flexibly, dependant on their needs, on either private optical or dental treatment or paying costs the NHS doesn’t cover.

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity, with HSF health plan as the trading subsidiary.  In this way HSF health plan is able to donate more surplus monies, via Gift Aid, to the charitable arm resulting in more charitable donations across the UK and Ireland.

Go to for more information or call 020 7928 6662.

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