Express Your Sexuality Whatever Your Age

Posted on: 08 December 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

The ability to express one’s sexuality is an integral part of being a woman, regardless of age, shape or size.

Sometimes age or health can conspire to make sexual expression more difficult that it really should be. Emotional Bliss has spent the last five years researching and developing their range of ‘heat’ intimate massagers which include the Womolia and Femblossom.

Entirely responsive to the sexual needs of women over 40, the Emotional Bliss intimate massagers have a warming heat application as well as increased levels of vibration. This is important because nerve endings gradually deteriorate naturally with age and factors such as smoking, stress and alcohol. The older you get, the more vibration you need.

Julia Cole, the leading psychosexual therapist who designed the intimate massagers for Emotional Bliss says:

“We listened to our customers and increased the vibrations considerably. This makes a huge difference; younger women can experience orgasm with less vibration, but women over 40 need more intense stimulation.

We also created innovatory warmth in the Emotional Bliss intimate massagers. This mimics the heat generated by the labia and clitoris when a woman is highly aroused, increasing her sexual response. Emotional Bliss intimate massagers also incorporate an anti-bacterial agent that sets new standards of hygiene against the conventional sex toy industry.”

Emotional Bliss intimate massagers are created to fit the areas of a woman that respond most to sexual arousal- the clitoris and vaginal lips. This makes them considerably more effective and satisfying than traditional internal vibrators.



The new range of Emotional Bliss heat intimate massagers is available to buy at

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