Is Plastic Damaging Your Health?

Posted on: 13 July 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Did you know that plastic containers such as bottles, lunch boxes and food containers could be causing problems with your hormones? Alternative health expert Andrew Loosely explains why.

This applies to all ages from babies through to older men and women. There is a lot of research to show that they may be causing havoc with our endocrine systems which control our hormones. In young children this could cause fertility and development problems later in life. For men and women there is the increased risk of cancer and hormonal imbalances causing many complex diseases. For pregnant women the toxins will be transferred to the baby over time through the blood.

This information has been known since the 1960’s and some types of plastic (mainly in food containers and water bottles) are still made using toxic materials. It’s only now that governments around the world are slowly starting to act on this. To help your health in the meantime try to avoid using plastic as much as possible. Do not allow it to come in to contact with your food or drinks or even cosmetic products! Try to buy loose food and use glass water bottles and toiletry bottles too.

To help I’ve created a small list of do’s and don’ts:

  • Where possible use glass, ceramic, stainless steel or wooden containers for all food, beverages and cosmetics and anything that comes in to contact with your body. Plastic will leach chemicals into your food, water and cosmetics which may cause you health problems.
  • If you have to use plastic bottles always keep them cool and do not allow them to heat up as they release chemicals more quickly.
  • Don’t fill an old plastic water bottle with new water. The plastic will be weakened from previous use. Buy a new one and preferably glass.
  • Don’t use an unopened bottle which has been in the heat and cooled down as the damage is already done
  • Use a cool bag if you are going to be out and about in the heat and your water bottle or food container might heat up (obtainable in many supermarkets)
  • Throw half consumed-bottles into recycling.
  • Drink from glass bottles as much as possible.
  • Store all foods, drinks and body care products in stainless steel, ceramic bowls, glass or wooden bowls. Store and buy in glass only for the easiest solution.

This advice is important for all ages, from babies to the elderly and is vital for women who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

At last, cleaner air is coming our way!

Many modern health problems are being found to be caused by hundreds of chemical pollutants that we come in to contact with every day. Health problems such as asthma and eczema both of which are increasing yearly are known to be worse in areas where air quality is low. The Thames Valley area is the worst known area in the UK for both of these health problems in adults and children.

Finally European environmental ministers have agreed to reduce emissions of sulphur dioxide, dust and other pollutants. These chemicals are emitted daily by thousands of industrial facilities across Europe. By 2020 they are aiming to reduce these emissions by 30%.

Thousands of lives will be spared and saved each year by improving soil, air and water quality and health costs caused by these pollutants will decrease by an estimated 27 billion Euros every year!

Sadly this does not cover Carbon Dioxide emissions but these are being discussed in separate negotiations.

The process of starting the cleaning up act will start in 2012. One day we may again breathe the beautiful clean air that nature has provided for us for millions of years.

Organic. Really worth the cost? Scary stuff!!

Absolutely,  is my personal thought, and here’s why:

Firstly there is no such thing as an organic product anymore.

The reason is that all air, water and soil is polluted. It’s mainly due to the air pollution as this carries with it lots of chemical components that get into the soil and air around the world. They have recently found traces of chemicals at the highest points of the Himalayas which are hundreds of miles away from any chemical processing plants.

Bearing all this in mind there is however, still a big difference between organic and non organic produce.

When you buy a vegetable, fruit or some salad that looks lovely and green and fresh from your local supermarket, you expect it to be good for you, right? If it isn’t organic I can tell you it will cause you problems. Scientists constantly tell us that the chemicals used in cosmetics, food and in the air are in such small quantities that we don‘t need to worry about them. But we do because we are constantly in contact with these chemicals every day and they build up in the body causing health problems over a time period.

For the last year I have been noticing that every client of mine that has an allergy test in the clinic has Nicotine marked on their test sheet. This means they are allergic to it. Most of them do not and never have smoked and I couldn’t find the link to this until I sat in a health conference and a discussion came up about what is killing our bees. They’ve discovered it’s nicotine!! And it is being used as a pesticide on food. Everyone that is not eating organic food is ingesting nicotine on fruit and vegetables every day. We all know that nicotine causes cancer but for insects it’s instant death. We are not much different to an insect. We have the same central nervous system which is highly aggravated by nicotine.

In a nut shell all non organic food is chemically treated to grow quicker, not be eaten by pests so that it looks nice to us and is also preserved by radiation to last longer! There’s no point eating food like that, it can’t give you the nutrients nature wants you to have. Meat is mass produced and grown using growth hormones which poison our endocrine system and lead to awful diseases such as cancer, alzheimers and mental diseases.

Organic food, although touched by chemicals in the air is grown in clean soil, not sprayed with any chemicals and not radiated for a longer life. This has to be a better way to eat and it tastes so much better. The animals are generally looked after well and are not fed on growth hormones giving us much cleaner meat with a much better taste.

The more people that buy organic food the cheaper it will be too. Do something healthy today and go organic.

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