Keeping fit and out of the gym!

Posted on: 14 January 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

We've all done it. Signed up to a swanky new gym and never stepped foot inside the building while that direct debit is eating away at our balance when it should be eating away at our waist lines. Well not anymore...

Housework keeping fitThat's because from now on we're going to be following the NHS's advice and exercising wherever we are. We only need to get in about 30 minutes exercise a day and when you consider you spend about that much time cleaning up after you know who, it isn't so taxing.

Gym memberships can be expensive and aren't always very convenient, however if you're a gym bunny keep up the good work, we salute you! But for those of you (me included), who can't bear the thought of it,  here's our advice on making your home your own exercise yard.

“As long as your activity is making you slightly breathless and sweaty, it all counts towards your daily total,” says fitness expert Nicki Waterman, so with that in mind here are some activities that will do just that.


Dusting, vacuuming and tidying are all great ways to burn calories. Hanging the washing and changing a bad get me pretty breathless and if you've got to do it anyway then you may as well think to yourself - 'I just burned off that glass of wine from last night!', see how many calories your most hated chores burn here!

Try: Blasting some of your favourite music to get you going!


It's no surprise gardening is good exercise as it's definitely hard work. Lugging heavy plants around, digging and mowing are all great ways to keep fit. Find out how many calories you burn while killing the weeds here!

Try: Not stopping. If you can keep going without resting then you'll get the benefits of a good workout.

Take the stairs

Whether you're at home, at work or out shopping, use the stairs whenever possible. Obviously not for 200 flights, but if it's one or two then it's great for you. See how many calories you can burn here.

Try: Spreading journeys so that you have to use the stairs more than usual. Great for the thighs and bum!


It's just great all round isn't it! But it's great exercise and in dark and dreary months like January it's also great for your mental and physical health as it's the easiest and funnest way to release loads of endorphins.

Try: Getting in some daring positions. The first ten minutes of sex act as the warm-up so your body and joints become more flexible.

Exercise DVD

Sigh. There's millions upon millions of home-help fitness DVD's, and this new year is no exception. If you've got the space and the inclination  then go for it!

Try: Going for last years sale DVDs, the exercises will be the same, they just might have an older soundtrack!

Wii Fit

OK, the point of this article was to give cheap alternative to going to the gym and a Wii isn't particularly cheap. But it's a one off cost and if you don't use it for exercise you can use it for playing! It's a good option though, with the balance board and a personal instructor built in, it's a good way to get back on the fitness ladder from the comfort of your own lounge. Plus, if Helen Mirren can do it, then so can we!

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