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Posted on: 10 June 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Get yourself clued up on prostate cancer to make sure your man is looking after his health with Dr. Heather Payne and Mary Low on the 19th June at 3pm.


As many women will know, getting men to visit the doctor can be incredibly difficult - especially if it involves getting checked out ‘down below’. Whether it is male pride or fear of bad news, reluctance to get checked could have very serious consequences when it comes to the early diagnosis of life-threatening conditions such as prostate cancer.

Chat Date: 19th June
Chat Time: 3pm

As men are often too embarrassed to discuss intimate health issues with their friends, it’s often up to the women in their life to convince them to see a doctor.  And women employ a number of tactics to get men, (whether it be a husband, brother, father or friend), to see a GP – from nagging to bribery, or simply booking the appointment for them and making sure they go.

Despite prostate cancer being the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, with more than 10,000 men dying in the UK every year as a result of the disease, thousands of us are still unable to identify key symptoms. 

Very few men over 50 have ever had a PSA blood test – a test that monitors the level of Prostate Specific Antigens. With this in mind, Prostate Cancer Research Centre have launched the ‘My Man’ campaign, which aims to get women to encourage the men in their lives to embrace intimate health issues to encourage early diagnosis.

If you want to make sure the men in your life are aware of all the facts, log onto our live and interactive WebTV show with Dr Heather Payne, Chair of the British Uro-Oncology and Mary Low whose husband died as a result of prostate cancer in 2008.

Find out who is most at risk from the disease, how to recognise the signs, and how you can encourage the man in your life to look after his health.

Dr. Heather Payne and Mary Low join us live online on 19th June at 3pm to discuss prostate cancer and how you can ensure the man in your life is looking after his health.

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