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Manage your long-term health condition with My Clinical Coach

Posted on: 28 November 2016 by 50connect Promotions

MyClinicalCoach, a telephone-based clinical health coaching programme delivered by expert nurses for people living with long-term conditions can help you take back control of your condition and enjoy the things that really matter to you.

My Clinical Coach

It is estimated over a quarter of the population in England (15.4 million people) has a long-term condition such as diabetes, coronary heart disease or chronic lung disease and an increasing proportion of these people have multiple conditions. The good news is that for the first time ever, these patients have the opportunity to stay in control of their condition and better manage it through a new personal telephone clinical health coaching service, My Clinical Coach.  

At My Clinical Coach, we understand that ongoing health problems can be confusing and   frightening and often have an impact on your quality of life. Getting a new diagnosis, a change in an existing condition or getting new medication requires time and understanding. We know that sometimes it can feel as though you are not in control of your own health and you feel isolated and fearful of the journey ahead.

When you are part of the NHS care system, sometimes it feels like you don’t always see the same person and therefore are unable to develop a strong relationship with your nurse. This then means you don’t have the opportunities to ask to all those little questions, that make a big difference to your life. However, at My Clinical Coach we provide you with a personal expert nurse who will talk you through your health, resulting in better control and management of your long-term condition. Your expert nurse may even solve problems you did not realise or didn’t know could be solved. 

And, at My Clinical Coach, we know that our behaviour and life-style strongly influences our health. Smoking, drinking too much, eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise - they can all contribute to making us unwell. And it can be really tough to make positive changes, especially on your own.

So, what support is out there? My Clinical Coach provides personal clinical health coaching with your own highly trained and experienced nurse who will provide a more holistic approach to your care, empower and emotionally support you to improve your own health and wellbeing. The 12-month clinical health coaching programme is tailored personally to each patient – from as little as £1 per day. Visit www.myclinicalcoach.com to find out how you and your family could get peace of mind about living with a long-term health condition.   

Simon’s Story

Simon, was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 in 2002 and is insulin-dependent.

During the 14 years that I have lived with Diabetes, I have had little in the way of formal education about the condition and only had intermittent checks with my GP and diabetes nurse.

When I started My Clinical Coach, I was very overweight, often forgetting to take my insulin, especially at night. This consequently caused my blood sugars to be very high.

Over the course of the clinical health coaching programme, I have learnt more about Diabetes and how it affects my body and the importance of doing regular exercise to manage my blood sugars.

I have lost 40lbs in weight! I walk my dog daily and play walk football every week. Now I regularly check my blood sugars so I’m aware of managing them within a set of parameters.

This is the fittest I’ve been in a long time and the one-on-one time spent with my clinical health coach has enabled me to take control back over my life whilst living with Diabetes.”

Wendy Norton, Head of Clinical Health Coaching at My Clinical Coach comments, “The impact of long term health conditions on people’s daily life in the UK is huge and we know from talking to our patients that many of them struggle to manage their condition. So, having a personal clinical health coach at the end of the phone to be able to provide practical and emotional support has the potential to transform quality of life for millions of patients. My Clinical Coach offers support by encouraging people to set and reach health goals and becoming an 'expert friend' to listen, ask good questions and celebrate progress.”

My Clinical Coach is part of Totally Health, who also provide the same valuable coaching services to NHS patients in certain areas of the UK. 

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