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Posted on: 09 January 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Grooming, health and fitness have become hot topics for men in recent years.

Previously, relaxation and beauty treatments may have been unfamiliar to the average British male, but now men are becoming increasingly aware of the need to look after their appearance, health and well being.

To coincide with the New Year when the majority of us are looking to hold down our resolutions and improve our lifestyle and look, health and beauty professionals at health-spa Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort have given 50connect some top tips for men.

No longer is the health spa a purely female retreat, men have become more and more dedicated to personal health, grooming and their overall well- being. Everyone needs to de-stress and have time out to unwind.


As all men know, shaving is, quite literally, a pain in the neck. But the fact is without shaving we would soon have: (a) unsightly beards, (b) no girlfriends.

Whilst male grooming is a booming market, as all men know, the reality of shaving is falling out of bed, sticking your bleary-eyed face in the mirror, and scraping off the stubble with a blunt disposable razor to reveal the horror beneath.

Daily shaving like this not only aggravates the skin, it creates razor burn, discomfort and destroys the skins protective layers leaving it dehydrated and vulnerable.

The answer is to take your time. It's worth taking a bit of time over your shave and using the right gear.

Many men produce tough, cross-grained and occasionally ingrown stubble - a frequent cause of razor bumps. So the first thing you need is a decent exfoliating scrub, which softens up the bristle and helps release any trapped hairs.

Those that remain under the skin can be gently dislodged by the precise application of a clean pair of tweezers. Use the exfoliating scrub on your entire face while you're at it.

Always finish off by moisturising your face and neck. There are plenty of products aimed at men. If all else fails get a professional to do it for you.


A good daily grooming routine is essential in combating the harsh signs of ageing, the effects of frequent shaving and hectic lifestyles.

Does your skin look tired, grey and out of condition? Drinking enough water is crucial for keeping your complexion vibrant and healthy. Make sure you have a minimum of two litres a day as this will flush out toxins and boost metabolism.

Soap makes the skin dry, and sluicing your face under a scorching hot shower creates red thread veins. Try a soap-free cleansing wash, and turn the temperature down a tad.

An exfoliating scrub used on your face once a week gets sluggish circulation on the move, sloughs off dead cells and helps keep spots at bay. Also look at healing and skin repair masks on a daily basis.

Leave them alone - picked-at spots end up inflamed and look even worse. Use a medicated skin wash and zit-clearing products instead.

Moisturiser can really improve the look of your skin, and there are loads of products designed just for men on the market. Use after shaving, and your skin will feel and look smoother all day.

Don't forget your hands. Dirty or broken nails spoil the whole effect, so keep them scrupulously clean, cut them short with proper nail scissors, and file the tips smooth.

Just Say No?

Ok, so we all know that alcohol is bad for us. But let's face it we can't say no to a party all the time. So how do you disguise those tell-tale signs of over- indulgence?

Skin becomes dehydrated after too much alcohol, cigarettes and late nights so the number one rule is water, water and more water.

No Coffee - caffeine will dehydrate you more. Stick to water and fruit to get you through the day.

Be careful shaving, your skin will be dehydrated and you'll still be woozy from the night before. Dehydration can lead to irritation so ensure you splash plenty of water onto your face prior to shaving and use plenty of moisturiser afterwards.

Use an alcohol-free spritz toner to rehydrate your skin and to help wake you up.

No matter how late you are, take five minutes to have a shower and wash your hair. No one wants to smell the alcohol-filled and smokey environment you spent the evening in.

Use an eye cream that will reduce puffiness and camouflage dark shadows - a much better disguise than dark glasses in winter.

Detox Your Body

Detoxing is for everyone and will make you a new man.

Go for a full-on one month detox gradually. Giving up caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol at the same time can put enormous strain on your body so cut in half at first then, let go gradually.

Detoxing doesn't mean eating less, it means eating healthily. Get your full complement of vitamins and minerals - focus on selenium, chromium, magnesium and vitamins C, E and A.

Liven up stimulant free detox sessions with some home grown creations, juicing fruit and vegetables gives you all the anti-oxidant benefits possible.

For a quick fix, the following detox diet can be done for seven days 3-4 times a year:

Breakfast - 3 oatcakes topped with sliced cucumber.

Lunch - skinless chicken supreme with steamed courgettes and asparagus.

Dinner - Jacket Potato with small amount unsalted butter and leaf salad.

To Drink - peppermint/ chamomile tea and water, no caffeine.


Exercise helps to release toxins through sweating and to burn toxins storing body fat, rewarding you with more energy and reduced tension.

The main areas of concern for men are usually the core areas - stomach and lower
Back - so exercise should include strengthening this area.

Pulling movements help to avoid poor posture and round shoulders.  Boxing type actions help to build upper body muscle and work the cardio vascular system.

You should aim to exercise at a moderate intensity for 3-5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session.


Ok so gentle relaxation and beauty treatments may seem a bit unfamiliar to the average male, but men need special care and attention too.

In any case, many male salons now ooze testosterone out of every pore, acting as the perfect place for a bloke to chill.

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Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort remains a haven for celebrities, amongst its male visitors have been high profile stars such as Clive Owen, Take That, Robbie Williams, Peter Crouch, Roger Black, Michael Owen and Geoff Banks.

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