Succeed with your New Year resolutions

Posted on: 12 January 2010 by Mark O'haire

The novelty wears off our New Years Resolutions all too easily but a new free website encourages people to support each other in making positive changes.

A lot of us have common goals; to lose weight, stop smoking or find a partner in the coming year. But no matter how common or unusual your resolution, somewhere in the world there’s someone just like you. Sharing your goals and supporting one another makes it easier for both of you.

Comotivate is a social networking site with a difference, set up to help people address aspects of their life they wish to change. The focus is on helping one another achieve shared goals.

Share Your Success

When we achieve things in life that we consider important, it feels great. But reaching a goal with someone else and having a hand in their achievement feels even better. Comotivate allows everyone to enjoy the feeling of shared achievement.

Find Your Perfect Motivator

Once you have registered, Comotivate uses a powerful database to match user profiles so that Team Buddies resemble each other as closely as possible. This gives you the confidence to know that if your buddy can reach their goal, you can reach yours too.

Stop SmokingNo Chance For Slacking

If you register with Comotivate but don’t contribute, you’ll be ‘benched’. Unlike Facebook, Bebo or MySpace, Comotivate is not the place to casually browse and hold meaningless chats with strangers. However, chances are that you will make friends as you’ll be introduced to people you have loads in common with from the start.

Big Is Beautiful, Small Is Beautiful

Because of the way it works, Comotivate will get better as it grows because the chances of you finding a perfect buddy will increase.

Unlike other social networks, as the Comotivate community expands, your experience of it may well contract but be richer for it because you’ll be collaborating with fewer people you have more in common with.


Rising obesity rates, dysfunctional families, spiralling debt, and chronic levels of problem gambling are sadly all too common these days.

For those people who wish to get their life back on track, hope and strength can be found in establishing a peer group of like-minded people.

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