What Is Natural Medicine?

Posted on: 11 February 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

50connect are delighted to announce the arrival of Andrew Loosely, our resident alternative health expert who will be on hand to answer all your medicine queries.

Columnist, author and practitioner of natural medicine, Andrew Loosely has joined the 50connect team to give his expert views in the fields of alternative medical health.

Andrew is the founder and director of the Healthwise Clinic of Natural Medicine. He is a registered and qualified practitioner of acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and all other aspects of Chinese medicine.

In his first edition, Andrew digests the pros and cons of natural medicine whilst also introducing his own expertise.

Natural Medicine Explained

Natural medicine is the term I use to describe my own practice which has its roots in Chinese medicine.  These methods are non chemical, and mainly use the body’s own resources to bring balance, good health, prevent disease and encourage longevity.

I use three main treatments in my clinic: acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage.  They are safe, non toxic and do not cause side effects.

They work by gently encouraging the body to regain balance and therefore good health. This approach has been used for over 5,000 years in the Far East and was created to prolong life.

What’s The Difference Between Going To My GP & You?

The big difference you will find is that we take time to read three different pulses in each wrist.  This is not to check your heartbeat as a GP would but to read the deeper messages about what is going on in the body. 

I can tell whether your body is out of balance by using this method along with asking some general questions.  Don’t worry – it’s not as strange as it sounds! 

I can even tell your mood and what you have been eating from your pulses. I remember once asking a patient (who should have been avoiding ice cream) whether she had eaten any the day before.  She was shocked and amused because she didn’t think she’d be found out.

The other big thing – and some people can find this a bit awkward at first – is that I ask you to stick your tongue out at me.  You probably haven’t looked at your own tongue recently; it should be evenly pink with no teeth marks (scalloped edges). 

I can tell a great deal about your health, and even whether you have a virus, by looking at your tongue.

All GP’s are concerned with general lifestyle, with weight, smoking etc, but we place more emphasis on helping you back to health.  We believe that the body is naturally healthy and that your symptoms simply show it is out of balance.

You may be prescribed herbs, massage, and acupuncture as well as given lifestyle advice specifically for you at the particular time of year that we meet. And of course, the other difference is that we get to spend a whole hour with you and treat you while you are at the clinic.

How Can I Stay Healthy Into My 90s?

Your wonderful attitude will certainly help you to get there! We certainly believe there is nothing preventing you.

There are lots of things you can do.  General advice includes things you’ll know already like taking some gentle exercise every day, drinking water, eating healthily, and avoid excesses of tea, sugar, coffee and alcohol.  

However, the diet that is right for you wouldn’t be right for somebody else.  The exercise that is right for you may not help somebody else.  Without knowing your personal situation, my best advice after the general points above is to follow the Seasons.

The Seasons are very important in Chinese medicine.  Each season brings different health problems which can best be solved within that season.  I will be talking about this over the next few weeks in my column so you can look at your health from this perspective.

You may have some particular problem that can be solved, but more general advice would be to stay balanced.  Have time for reflection and time for action, be physically active and also relax completely. 

Natural medicine is based on the energy that goes round your body, and ideally you want it to flow freely and not get stuck.  Getting stuck in any emotion like anger or fear, for example, is connected to your physical well-being.

There is a particular emotion connected to Spring, and you will hear about that very soon.

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