Beating the great Greeting Cards rip off

Posted on: 24 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Have you ever looked at a selection of cards, shrugged and thought I could do better than that myself? Well maybe now is the time to have a go!

Beating the great Greeting Cards rip offThere are specialist craft magazines but they can be quite costly – so why not turn to the internet. Try looking at – have a search around there and you will find lots of crafty/card making demonstrations from both this country and America and several other places in between!

Buying crafty ingredients online is also the easiest it has ever been with craft sites offering great prices, sometimes free postage and galleries or videos, ideas and tips. If that isn’t enough inspiration for you, there are several TV channels that have great demonstrations and ideas. Try Create and Craft for 24 hour crafting, or Ideal World and QVC for occasional crafting shows.

Books are another really useful source of ideas. Your local bookshop should have a selection of card related books in their Hobbies section but never forget the public libraries, they do a great job of ordering in books you want to read or helping you find something suitable and it costs nothing!

There are many different types of cards and you are bound to be attracted to some of the finished results more than others. There’s decoupage that makes pretty three dimensional pictures for your card or rubber stamping which has had millions of followers for many years. There are some truly beautiful CDroms with images galore for you to experiment with and ideas for all sorts of different cards.

We all played with colouring and painting as children and there are huge therapeutic benefits from losing yourself in a spot of “colouring in”. Now although this sounds childish and you’re imagining a very amateurish result – if you have a look around at the finished examples of stamped and coloured images on the craft circles on the internet you’ll see that “colouring in” has come a long way since you were little. The current favourites are alcohol based pens that leave translucent colour without even a smear and look amazingly professional and there are good quality watercolour pens and pencils around too.

There is huge scope with card-making for raising funds for your favourite charity, or raising money for yourself! Many crafters sell their cards to friends or colleagues to replenish their crafty stash and keep up with the latest trends without having to spend way too much money. Once your family learns you are making cards there are bound to be lots of special requests and it brings a real sense of achievement when someone admires your ability and is thrilled with what you have made.

Have a look around the internet, talk to friends that might know people that are into making cards or watch a few programmes on the TV and before you know it – you’ll be on your way to becoming a real pro!

Joanna Sheen, 50connect arts and crafts expert Joanna Sheen is 50connect's newest regular monthly contributor. She has written more than 30 best selling books on everything from cookery, herbs, stencilling, crafts and flowers over the past 20 years.  She is currently best known for her work on TV with her card making, papercraft and pressed flower craft programmes. For more inspiration, ideas and demonstrations visit

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