Make your own: Natural Christmas decorations

Posted on: 08 December 2010 by Rhian Mainwaring

Nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, the smell of a natural christmas tree, these are a few of our favourite things.

Christmas needn't be shop bought, in fact some of the most beautiful decorations are those handmade and from natures own creations. They add a vintage feel to your home, bring beautiful earthy scents, are cheaper than buying from the florist and make great gifts - oh, did we mention it was dead fun too?


Pomanders - It's all about dried fruit!

Oranges, lemon's and limes all make great pomanders. Take an orange and prod holes in it with a toothpick or knitting needle, slide the cloves into the holes so the head sits firmly on the skin of the fruit. You can add as many or as few as you like, write out names or add ribbon.

Difficulty: Easy with some creative flair Cost: Minimal Shop: Your local supermarket will have all you need!

Pine cone

Pine Cone decorations

Think of them as natural baubles, perfect to hang on the tree and easy to make. Florists will sell pine cones, but if you have a spruce or two near you then keep a look out and collect them over the year. Use ribbon or gold string to wrap around the top level of spokes, then tie in a knot and hang. They're also fantastic for floral displays, pot pourri and mantelpiece styling, spray on some fake snow or spray paint for added festive affect.

Difficulty: Easy Cost: Free or at least cheap Shop: Your local forest or gardening centre

Chilli garlands

Chilli garlands

Dried chilli's keep their bright red pigment when they're dried which makes them perfect for wreaths. The chilli's have a real earthy feel and look fantastic strung up like tinsel (they often come this way) alternatively attach them to your wreath, that should spice up Christmas.

Difficulty: Easy / Moderate Cost: Low Shop: Head to Christmas markets or craft fairs

Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks

We all know cinnamon is great for mulled wine and many other Christmas cocktails and recipes, but it's also a perfect decoration. Cinnamon works great in floral displays, pot pourri and on wreaths, but we like them as place settings. Take a couple of sticks of cinnamon and connect with ribbon, add a hand written gift tag and bunch with festive fancies.

Difficulty: Dependant on experience, if the sticks become fiddly glue them in to place  Cost: Medium Shop: Your local supermarket will sell cinnamon but it will be expensive, hunt out a supplier (see below).

If this all sounds lovely, but you don't have the inclination then check out this site, Austrian Spice Craft, they have a beautiful selection of pre-made items,  we also loved this decorative materials site, The Essentials Company,  for all the dried goods you could possibly want!

Of course, if you're a bit crafty then you'll have been picking up bits and bobs all year, happy crafting!

Send us a photo if you make any of the suggestions to, or write a blog on how you did it? For more stories on crafts and hobbies, click here.

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