New Hobbies: Golf

Posted on: 07 January 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

As Mark Twain famously said: 'Golf is a good walk spoiled.' Here at 50connect we don’t believe that, so we’ve made golf one of our hobbies of the week, here’s how to get started!

Golf 50connectFor those with a competitive streak golf is the ultimate game;  it can be team-based, pairs, or opposite just you, the club and a ball playing against the par. Golf is great exercise, taking a long stroll through the country (ditch the golf buggy) ups your heart rate, works out your joints and gets the grey matter into a sweat! It’s a mental game as well as a physical one and one that seems to require a lot of swearing and throwing things, or maybe that’s just how my Dad plays…

It’s no secret that golf can be an expensive sport, buying your own clubs can cost you a small fortune and joining an exclusive club, if you can get on the list, is also pricey. But there are cheaper ways and means…

Buddy up

If one of your friends is a member of a club then you can nick their clubs and be a guest at their golf course for a massively reduced rate. It’s a great way to give the sport a try and see what you think of your local club before you spend a fortune and then realise golf just isn’t your sport!

Hit the driving range

Maybe long tactical games aren’t for you and the thought of ‘whacking’ a ball is more up your street. If that’s the case then most major golf courses will have a driving range, but there are also many stand-alone ranges. They often have clubs you can rent and are a cheap and fun way to spend an hour. You can find golf ranges in your local area here, with prices, opening hours and facilities.

Get virtual 

If you like the idea of the sport, but the walk and the weather are putting you off then try Urban Golf. A virtual version of golf, where you play against a green screen enabling you to drive, putt and pitch on the top golf courses in the world (virtually) without paying the monster fees or having to adhere to strict dress codes. These nights out are great fun, it’s basically a bar with a golf course inside, they’re cheaper, less formal and anyone can play regardless of skill, check out urban golf here.

Go all out!

If golf is your sport, or you think it might be, then why not take a weekend break to a golf course. You’ll be surprised at the value for money (we certainly were) as most deals include bed, breakfast and a evening meal as well as rounds of golf. Visiting one with a Spa also means that if the weather isn’t great or your other half isn’t a golf lover they have a special treat too.

There's lots of great sites, but these two stood out for us, both offering last minute deals and great weekenders, and

Meet other Golfers

Golf is one of those games that you can play alone, but it’s often nice to have company. Large exclusive golf clubs will often have specific tee times which means you could occasionally be teamed up with other golfers that you don't already know. However,  if you’d like to meet people in the interest of playing Golf together or exchanging tips we found this great site, where you can arrange tee times with other players at your local course.

Is golf for you? Let us know if you've tried any of the above and what you thought, and if you'd like to get talking about golf why not set up a group on 50connect!

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