A Guide To Airport Parking

Posted on: 09 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Read our top tips on booking airport parking to learn how to find that money-saving space.

If you’re jetting off on holiday, leaving the country for business or going abroad to visit family or friends, chances are you’ll be travelling to the airport in your own car.

To save you time and lots of money, there are now numerous websites to help you cut the cost of parking your car whilst you’re away.

From Belfast to Bristol, Leeds to Luton, Heathrow to Humberside, Newcastle to Norwich, read our top tips on booking airport parking to learn how to find that money-saving space.

Our Top Tips

1. Know Who You’re Booking With

Take a minute to check out their “About Us” page. Reputable companies will go out of their way to talk about themselves so you know what and who you’re dealing with. It’s easy to get caught out on the web with dozens of companies reselling airport parking, so it’s worth finding out who is actually providing the service.

2. Shop Around

Don’t be caught out. Check all the competition and competitors' prices before booking your parking to get the best price.

3. Add Cancellation Waiver

The average price for a week’s airport parking can be up to about £60, but for an extra 99p, if you cancel and your booking is in accordance with some cancellation guidelines, you can get your money back. Make sure you select this option, when available, when you are booking.

4. Book Straight Away

Prices can change on a daily basis, sometimes more than once, so to guarantee you get the price you are quoted, reserve your parking space right away.

What's the difference? Up to 60 per cent. Many car parks offer advance purchase prices and the earlier you book the more likely you are to find them. If you do find one, book straight away because these prices are withdrawn as you get closer to the departure date, and are subject to availability.

5. What Do You Want From Your Car Park?

Transfer times and frequency of transfer are what most customers say are important. Make sure you check the car park’s information pages to find out when and how the transfers operate.

6. Check The Cost Of A Hotel With A Parking Package

Compare the price of airport parking with the price of a hotel packaged with parking. At certain times of the year, especially August and September, parking packaged with a hotel can be up to £20 cheaper than parking on its own.

If you have an early check-in, staying overnight takes all the stress out of getting to the airport on time. Check to see if a hotel room can be included in your parking package.

7. Be Aware Of The Different Types Of Parking Available

There are several different types of airport parking you should be aware of. Whether you need to park your car for two weeks or just a couple of days there are all sorts of car parks available, including covered parking and meet and greet parking.

On-Airport Parking - This refers to parking within the airport boundary. However, airports are generally big places so always check the transfer times and distance to the terminal. In general, the closer you are to the terminal the more you pay for the convenience.

Off-Airport Parking - This refers to parking outside the airport boundary. Ironically, the transfer times for off-airport car parks can sometimes be less than the on-airport times, due to their location, so make sure you check.

Meet & Greet Parking - Arguably the most convenient option for parking at the airport. This service means you are met at the terminal by a driver who will collect your car and take it to a secure car park, leaving you free to check-in. When you return, your car will be delivered back to you at the terminal. Meet and Greet parking is great for large families with loads of luggage and for golfers, surfers and skiers. Services vary, so be sure to read the details.

8. Don’t Turn Up Without Pre-Booking

Never turn up without pre-booking your parking. Airport car parks charge a premium for turning up on the day which can be up to 60 per cent more than advertised internet prices. Remember - you can still save even if you only book your parking on the day of travel.

Web Links

Holiday Extras - Holiday Extras has been in the business for more than 25 years and can arrange airport parking at all airports throughout Britain. They have an award-winning call centre and customer relations team.

Airport-Parking.co.uk - Airport parking and hotel deals for the majority of UK airports. Airport Parking have been providing their service for over 20 years, comparing prices from over 90 per cent of the market.

BAA - BAA's official airport parking.

Parking4Less - Recommended by The Guardian, Parking4Less provide you with a range of car parks, offering discounted prices and short distances from around 20 UK airports.

Do you have any tips for airport parking? Where do you park your car when you go away? Is airport parking too expensive?

Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Alternatively, share your thoughts with other readers in the 50connect forums.

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