A Slice Of Cypriot History

Posted on: 11 August 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Cyprus has a wealth of historical sites just waiting to be explored.

Yes, that's right - even in party town Ayia Napa. So here's where to head for some of the best:


Mosaics Of Paphos

Set within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pathos mosaics are among the most incredible and beautiful in the Mediterranean. Covering the floors, walls and even complete houses, the mosaics depict scenes from Greek mythology in the houses of Theseus, Aion and Dionysos.

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Aphrodite Rock

Reputed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, this magnificent rock stands tall in the sea. A thirty minute drive along the Pafos to Lemesos road will lead you to the Aphrodite Rock, steering you through some incredible views as you travel. Alternatively, there is a ten minute motorway route. Once there experience the breath-taking sea views, and stand where Aphrodite supposedly rose from the sea.

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Tomb Of The Kings

These impressive underground tombs date from the 4th century. Carved deep into the ground, some tombs are grand enough that they represent the houses of the living with Doric columns and paintings on the walls. Despite the name, Tombs of the Kings, no kings were buried here, but aristocrats instead - the name is in reference to the majestic character of the tombs. Excavation work is still being carried out, but see the tombs which have already been uncovered just two kilometres north-west of Paphos Port.

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The Limassol Castle is one of the area's most famous sites, built on the ground where 'Richard the Lionheart' was, according to legend, once married. The present castle has stood proud since the 14th century and has been used as a prison, a base for the British forces, and today houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Just west of Limassol stands Colossi Castle, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Both are popular tourist attractions offering stunning views.

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Ayia Napa Monastery

The monastery which gave its name to the city, Agia Napa Monastery, is a medieval building, located next to the main square and surrounded by huge walls for protection. Entrance is through an archway, inside which an octagon-shaped fountain stands in the courtyard.

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