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Posted on: 11 August 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Our top summer beauty must-haves

Whether you’re returning from holiday or just about to venture abroad, take a look at this month’s beauty must-haves. We have a beauty bargain, the newest scents, an eco-warrior's dream and the ultimate in va-va-voom hair products! 

Endless moisture

Beauty bargain: E45 Derma-Restore

Yes, they’ve finally developed a moisturiser solely for menopausal skin! E45, one of our favourite beauty brands, have created Endless Moisture Derma Repair, created for women experiencing the skin effects of the menopause. As oestrogen levels in the body start to decrease, elasticity in the skin is lowered due to a decreased production of collagen and elastin. Derma Restore nourishes mature skin, combating ageing, loss of elasticity and suppleness due to their active ingredients of Nicotinamide (a form of Vitamin B3 which boosts collagen production) Poly Hydroxy Acid (which smoothes skin and is anti-ageing) and Glycerin (the natural moisture magnet). Ready for the price? A very respectable and affordable £4.99 – that’s why it’s this month’s beauty bargain!

£4.59 from Boots

Daisy Marc Jacobs

Sensational scent:  Marc Jacobs, Daisy Hot Pink

The Daisy range has been a scent staple popular with women of all ages and this new fragrance doesn’t disappoint. Still cased in the iconic bottle, now black and pink, this luxurious scent is both fruity and floral. If you prefer sweeter notes then you’ll love this fragrance made up of wild strawberries, violet and jasmine leaves, vanilla and whitewood: the perfect scent for hot summer nights. It’s a limited edition and available in stores from the 24th of August, so keep an eye out for it at Duty Free!

 100ml spray, £59.50 fromThe Perfume Shop

Collagen boost

The miracle worker: Clynol collagen boost

This is the best volume shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used (trust me, I’ve done the leg work) and seems to strengthen your hair instantly, as well as adding plenty of that va-va-voom we’re all looking for. The holiday combination of salt water, chlorine and sun can leave your hair feeling pretty sorry for itself – but not if you reach for this miracle cure. The shampoo helps to densify and strengthen your hair structure and protects against external damage, which leaves you with noticeably thicker, younger, more resilient hair. The whole range is fantastic, but a touch on the pricey side, so you’re going to have to see this as an investment. The shampoo and conditioner are more than enough to see a difference, but I’d recommend both the mousse and the treatment for special occasions.

Shampoo £8.45, Conditioner £8.45, Mousse £7.65, Restoring treatment, £12.65 from The Hair Boutique

The eco-warrior: Lush

Every year in the UK (and across the world) thousands of tonnes of plastic are thrown away and are then washed up on our beautiful beaches. Plastic bottle tops, wrappers, cotton buds and plastic bottles are in the top ten items littering the coastline, but Lush are planning to put a stop to that with their Flip Flops and Bottle Tops Parties. Head down to your local Lush store on the 13th of August to celebrate Lush's new in-store service, where customers can bring in their plastic bottle tops to be recycled into their product pots in addition to their usual black pot return service. You can also get free beauty advice and pampering sessions, so remember to pick up any litter after a day at the beach!

Brazened Honey, £5.50 from Lush

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