Boiler scrappage scheme - what you need to know

Posted on: 25 March 2010 by Mark O'haire

Announced in December's pre-budget report and launched one month ago, the government's boiler scrappage scheme is designed to cut carbon and help save people money on their energy bills.

Homeowners have already snapped up more than a third of the vouchers available.

Householders with working boilers with the lowest G rating can apply for vouchers worth £400 from the Energy Saving Trust, which they must put towards buying an A rated boiler, or installing a renewable heating system such as a biomass boiler or heat pump.

It's thought there are currently 4.5 million Band G gas-fired boilers in use in the UK over 15-years-old that are typically only around 60% efficient essentially wasting 40 pence in every £1 of energy used and generating a tonne of additional CO2 each year. That compares to a high-efficiency A rated condensing boiler, which sees this rise to 90%.

In this video Martyn Bridges from Worcester Bosch Group explains what you need to know about the scheme.


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