Colour Blocking – A trend fit for the Bathroom

Posted on: 24 June 2013 by 50connect editorial

Trends and fashions come and go with the seasons, and colour blocking has been a trend that has proven very popular. expert, Jaana Jätyri, said: “Colour blocking has been an on-going trend in fashion for some time, and it is set to continue in optimistic, ice cream inspired colours, as seen on the catwalks.”

Colour blocking can be incredibly striking in the home, as well as on the runway, especially in the bathroom. The easiest way to get your bathroom looking fashionable and up-to-date is to incorporate blocks of colour in the bathroom. Paint two opposing walls with contrasting shades. The most dominating colours this season are tangerine and mossy colours, as well as pastel shades and ice cream colours.

Simplicity is key when it comes to colour blocking. Avoid mixing more than three colours otherwise the room will look too busy and overbearing, and if the room you are decorating is quite small, just two colours will give you the optimum effect.

Painting the walls might seem like a huge project, but there are ways of adding colour blocking to your bathroom without getting out the paint brushes. If the current colour scheme in your bathroom is fairly neutral, then pick two or three complimentary colours, the brighter the better. Once you have chosen your colours, all you have to do make sure the towels, bathmats, shower curtains and any artwork or other accessories fit in with your colour scheme, and this will give the bathroom a fantastic colour blocking style.   

Bringing the catwalk to the home does not have to be a huge time consuming project. With just a few simple alterations and accessories, you can have your bathroom looking on-trend all year round.

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