Enjoy The Sights Of The Mediterranean Onboard The Costa Concordia

Posted on: 08 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Sky Travel's Claire Smith puts Costa Cruise to the test to find out what you get for your money.

Life Onboard

Watch the Sky Travel 'life onboard' video as Claire tests out the facilities onboard and interviews passengers about their experiences and opinions of ships services. As Claire says, it's the attention to detail that makes you feel special.

On board Claire finds a whole host of fantastic things to do. Choose from swimming or sunbathing, bars and restaurants, or evening shows, the casino or discos. And of course, if it's some quiet time that you're after, Costa ships are large enough for you to get away from it all.

Costa Europa - JacuzziCosta Cruise travel to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Northern Europe and the Far East, or perhaps you'll combine several locations in one holiday.

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Behind The Scenes Of A Sky Travel Shoot

Costa Cruise Lines recently invited Sky Travel to film aboard and we leapt at the chance as this is steadily becoming one of our most popular cruise lines. Armed with regular presenter Claire Smith we had 6 days to film as much as we could, and on a large cruise ship that's a lot!

Watch the Sky Travel video on the services available on the Costa Concordia.

So Much To Film, So Little Time

Faced with the mammoth task of covering all that the Costa Serena had to offer, as well as filming some of the destinations we were visiting, the team was glad to get on board and start filming from the word 'go'.

Costa Europa - LidoThe Samsara Spa is a major component of a Costa Cruise, and we started the trip by filming Claire having treatments here. Perhaps we should have filmed here at the end of the trip, as the Spa area was truly relaxing and Claire seemed to enjoy her brief pampering. This was the 'calm before the storm' though.

The pace soon picked up, as we still had the different cabins, the different restaurants (including a chocolate bar complete with chocolate fountain!), the bars, the sun decks, the Grand Prix race simulator, the atrium and the swimming pools to tick off. On a large ship this is no mean feat - just to walk from one end to the other and find where we were meant to be seemed to take about ten minutes!

The 'Demanding Sky Travel Crew' Meets The 'Ever-So-Obliging Costa Cruise Crew'

Costa Europa - Outside CabinWith such a demanding schedule it was a relief to encounter a really friendly and agreeable crew on board. No demand it seemed was too much - we had music turned off so that we could hear Claire presenting, we had tables reserved to get the best shots during dinner, we had bar tenders whipping us up their favourite cocktails (for the camera of course!) and we even had the English host on board finding us interview candidates!

And this seems to be the norm on cruise holidays. The whole point is to make passengers feel totally relaxed and pampered, and Costa Cruise pride themselves on having a crew to ensure that this is exactly what happens.

Is Costa Cruise For Me?

OK, we weren't exactly on holiday, but what a place to do a shoot.

There was something to film in every direction, and it all looked great on camera because the interiors are so decadent. Everybody we met seemed to have something positive to say about Costa Cruises, and passengers were definitely enjoying themselves.

Costa Europa - EveningThis is a cruise holiday that'll suit those wanting plenty to do, the ship is large, so large you may even lose yourself (but when you're on holiday what could be better than losing yourself and discovering yet more fun things to do?) It's not a formal cruise, in the evenings casual clothes are fine (something the scruffy camera crew were pleased about!), and it's definitely not stuffy, there was a light hearted, enjoyable atmosphere about the ship.

Think of the upmarket end of Las Vegas, add a lot more Europeans, put it to sea, and throw in lots of destinations to explore and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Costa Cruises.

Costa Serena Top 5

  • Samsara Spa - a large & indulgent spa
  • Chocolate Bar - complete with appetising chocolate fountain
  • Outside balcony cabins - a private place to view changing landscapes
  • Ercole Cigar Bar - a small & intimate bar with amazing cocktails
  • Grand Prix race simulator - the real McCoy, perfect for adrenaline junkies

Sky Travel logo
So why not try Costa Cruises for yourself with Sky Travel's 2 for the price of 1 deal.  For further information visit http://skytravel.virginholidayscruises.com/costa241.php

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